Compare the best ePOS systems for restaurants in the UK (2024)


lightspeed restaurant pos


iPad ePOS

Quick service restaurants

Casual & fine dining

Bars & Pub ePOS

Delivery platform integrations

Lightspeed Payments (Adyen)

Office in London

Couter top eposnow

Epos Now

Epos Pocket

Hospitality POS system

All-in-one restaurant solution

Online ordering & delivery

Pizza POS

Headquarters in Norwich

GoodTill Sumup pos setup

GoodTill by Sumup

iPad POS solution

Restaurant, Bars & Pups

Stadiums & hotels

Office in London

tevalis pos



Pubs and bars

Stadiums and Theater

Office in Hessle (Yorkshire)

ICR Touch

ICR Touch

Hospitality ePOS


Pocket touch

Touch kitchen

Office in Sandown (Isle of Wight)

powerepos - set


Stadiums, Arenas, events

Pubs & bars

Festivals, Nightclubs

Franchis, multi site

Café POS

Office in Liverpool

yuma pos image

Yuma POS


Cafe and shops

Food trucks

Office in Manchester

Touchbistro pos system


iPad ePOS


Bars & Cafes

No UK office

revel pos systems image

Revel Systems UK

Cloud POS System for Multi-Locations

Table Service

Quick Service

Ingenico payment processing

toast restaurant pos


Restaurant specialist

Lots of features

No support in the UK

Top 10 Best Restaurant ePOS Systems UK

Restaurant ePOS systems are essential tools that serve as the backbone of restaurant operations in the UK. Choosing the right system can be a challenge. We have reviewed several POS systems that serve the hospitality industry. 

While considering factors like reliability, affordability, scalability, customer support, and user experience, we’ve compiled the top 10 best restaurant ePOS systems UK

  1. Lightspeed
  2. SumUp / Good Till
  3. Epos Now
  4. Power EPOS
  5. Tevalis
  6. Touchbistro
  7. Yuma POS
  8. ICR Touch
  9. Revel Systems
  10. Toast

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed epos restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant is a comprehensive ePOS solution designed specifically for the needs of restaurants in the UK. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Lightspeed streamlines operations and enhances efficiency for dining establishments of all types, from cafes to fine dining restaurants. Lightspeed has offices in London.


  • Streamlined order management
  • Tableside ordering for faster service
  • Split bill feature for easy payments
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Advanced sales and inventory reports
  • Cloud-based for real-time access
  • User-friendly interface

Price: Lightspeed Restaurant POS starter package starts at £69/mo

SumUp / Good Till

Sumup pos

SumUp /Good Till offers a versatile and feature-rich ePOS solution specifically tailored for the hospitality sector, including restaurants. SumUp has offices in London and prides itself on its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both staff and management, while also offering a depth of functionality to meet the demands of busy restaurant environments.


  • Table management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Send orders to the kitchen
  • Real-time data updates
  • Delivery app integrations
  • Fast menu changes

Price: SumUp/Good Till POS pricing plans start at £49/mo per till 

Epos Now

Epos now back

EPOS Now offers a cutting-edge restaurant ePOS system tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality industry. With its sleek interface and innovative features, EPOS Now transforms the way restaurants operate, from order processing to customer management. The head offices are in Norwich, United Kingdom and it is a cloud-based platform that ensures flexibility and accessibility.


  • Sleek interface for intuitive operation
  • Tableside ordering and bill-splitting capabilities
  • Robust reporting for sales trends and inventory management
  • Cloud-based platform 
  • Flexible payment options 
  • Comprehensive Kitchen Display System 

Price: EPOS Now restaurant POS pricing starts at £25

Power EPOS

powerepos - set

At the heart of Power EPOS lies its innovative features tailored specifically for the restaurant sector. From intuitive order processing to dynamic table management, every aspect of the system is meticulously crafted to streamline operations and enhance productivity. The POS provider has its head office in Kent, England and this helps it to cater to establishments of all sizes and complexities, in the UK.


  • Intuitive order processing
  • Dynamic table management
  • Customisable modular design
  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Integrated loyalty programmes
  • Integrates with ResDiary
  • Kitchen video displays 

Price: Power EPOS has not published the pricing plans. You can get a quote directly from the provider. 


Tevalis is tailored to meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry, catering to various dining establishments from cafes to fine dining restaurants. The system facilitates efficient order management, tableside ordering, and payment processing. Tevalis POS headquarters are in England, United Kingdom. 


  • Intuitive interface for easy operation
  • Efficient order management and tableside ordering
  • Advanced reporting for insights into sales and inventory
  • Scalable design to fit various restaurant sizes
  • Efficient mobile ordering
  • Fast payments

Price: Tevalis POS has plans starting from £100/mo


Touchbistro pos

With a office in Surrey, UK, Touchbistro offers a range of functionalities, including order management, tableside ordering, payment processing, and advanced reporting tools. TouchBistro stands out due to its focus on mobility, allowing staff to take orders and process payments directly at the table using handheld devices.


  • Tailored ePOS for restaurants, cafes, bars, and food trucks
  • Intuitive design for streamlined operations
  • Order management for efficient processing
  • Tableside ordering for improved service
  • Mobility for orders and payments at the table
  • Cloud-based access for real-time monitoring

Price: Touchbistro ePOS pricing starts at £69 per month

Yuma POS

yuma pos image

YumaPOS caters to a diverse range of dining establishments, from casual cafes to upscale fine-dining restaurants. The UK offices are in Cheshire, which makes it easier to serve the local restaurateurs. YumaPOS offers tailored ePOS solutions specifically designed for restaurants, providing a comprehensive suite of features to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. 


  • Integrated Kitchen Display Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Dashboard & Real-Time Reporting
  • Marketing & Loyalty Schemes
  • Automated integrations with mobile and web apps
  • Payment flexibility

Price: Yuma POS plans start at £59/mo


ICR Touch

ICR touch image

ICRTouch’s ePOS solutions for restaurants are designed to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Based in Sandown, UK, this till system comes with intuitive interfaces and robust functionalities, they cater to various dining establishments, from casual cafes to fine dining restaurants. ICRTouch stands out for its user-friendly design and scalability, making it ideal for restaurants seeking to improve efficiency and drive growth.


  • Intelligent reporting
  • Table management
  • Advanced ordering systems 
  • Automatic stock updates 
  • Automatic table allocation 

Price: There is no price indicated on the website, but you can request a quote. 

Revel Systems

revel pos systems image

Revel Systems redefines restaurant management with its cutting-edge ePOS solutions tailored to meet the distinctive demands of the hospitality industry. With its offices in London, Revel Systems seamlessly integrates intuitive features, including bespoke order management, dynamic tableside ordering, and seamless payment processing. Revel Systems caters to restaurants of all sizes, from quaint bistros to bustling eateries.


  • Intuitive order management
  • Dynamic tableside ordering
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Inventory management
  • Customisable menus
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Employee management
  • Cloud-based platform

Price: Revel Systems offers different pricing plans starting at £99/mo


Toast pos system

Toast offers restaurant-focused ePOS solutions designed for streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. With intuitive order management, tableside ordering, integrated payments, and advanced reporting tools, Toast empowers businesses to thrive. Customisable menus, loyalty program integration, and cloud-based accessibility further elevate efficiency and drive growth for restaurants of all sizes. Toast POS has offices in London, UK. 


  • Efficient payment processing
  • Kitchen display system
  • Rota management
  • Multi-location management 
  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Tableside ordering 
  • Intuitive interface

Price: Toast restaurant POS starts at £80/mo


Which Is The Right ePOS System for Your Restaurant? 

Finding the right EPOS system for your restaurant is essential for smooth operations and enhanced customer experiences. With various options available, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the size of your restaurant, your specific needs, and your budget. Here are our recommendations:

  • Fine Dining Restaurants

      • Lightspeed: Advanced features like tableside ordering and reservation management.
      • Epos Now: Sophisticated solutions with table management and extensive reporting.
  • Casual Dining Restaurants

      • Lightspeed: User-friendly POS with order management and customisable menus.
      • Sumup: Intuitive systems for table management and mobile ordering.
  • Fast Food Restaurants

      • Epos Now: Fast and efficient POS with quick order processing and integrated payments.
      • ICR Touch: Robust systems with self-service kiosks and real-time reporting.
  • Takeouts (including Pizzerias and Food Trucks):

      • ICR Touch: Simple solutions for takeouts with mobile payments and inventory tracking.
      • Mealzo: Versatile POS for online ordering and delivery management.
  • Cafés and Coffee Shops:

      • Lightspeed: Tailored systems with quick order processing and loyalty programmes.
      • Epos Now: Intuitive solutions for menu customisation and customer management.
  • Pubs:

    • EPOS Now: Comprehensive systems with bar tab management and stock control.
    • Power Epos: Robust POS for tableside ordering and inventory management.

These recommendations offer precise options tailored to the specific needs of each type of restaurant, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced customer experiences.

Restaurant EPOS system pricing comparison

 Restaurant ePOS Pricing p/m Type of business
Lightspeed Restaurant £69.00 Restaurant, Cafe
Epos Now £25.00 Pub, bakery, pizza
Clover POS £100.00 Quick service
Sumup POS £49.00 Small restaurant
Tevalis POS £100.00 Larger hospitality
Square Restaurant EPOS £69.00 Counter service
Toast POS £80.00 Restaurants