Retail ePOS providers overview (2021). Compare the best ePOS systems for your store!

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Epos Now

  • All-in-one EPOS
  • Hardware included
  • Integration with 100+ apps
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Lightspeed Retail

  • ipad
  • Retail
  • Best choice
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  • Retail POS
  • UK supplier
  • All Tablet terminals
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shopkeep logo2


  • Lots of add-ons
  • Nice interface
  • iPad POS
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vend logo


  • Inventory management
  • Great design
  • Easy setup
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clover logo


  • Own hardware
  • Excellent user experience
  • Bit expensive extra features
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Shopify POS

  • Omnichannel
  • limited features
  • small business
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The search for the best suited ePOS system for retailers.

As consumers are inundated with product options, a retailer’s point of difference often comes down to our customer service.

Cue the retail ePOS system.

It gives you the flexibility to build customer profiles, track sales and inventory, and monitor your business performance—all from your tablet or desktop. Whether you’re totally new to POS systems or you’re just ready to dig a little deeper, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the retail POS system.

What is a Retail point of sale?

From your actual point-of-sale (as in: your cash register) to your payroll and accounting software, a true retail ePOS system offers the best of all worlds—and lets you enhance your customers’ experience along the way.

Essentially, it’s the streamlined digital network that ties your business processes together.

Why does my retail business need one?

To track your performance in real time and help you create a strong strategy for future growth. It’s not just about completing transactions anymore—your ePOS software shows you the big picture.

Track sales analytics…

Gain insight into your sales, plan marketing strategies, and quickly call up reports that support you in making informed decisions about the direction of your business.

Look after your customers…

A quality ePOS helps you keep track of valuable customer information—ideal for building positive relationships and establishing brand loyalty.

And take care of your bottom line.

Features like automated stock control, costings, full KPI reports—look out for these to keep your business in the black. If you manage staff, there are retail ePOS  that offer integration with payroll and HRM software, too.

Which Retail ePOS do i need for my store?

The one with features that fit your business

There are six features that we love to see in a retail ePOS system. Whether you’re just starting out or your business is getting ready to go global, here are the core functions we think every retailer needs:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Inventory control
  • Staff management or payroll integration
  • Accessible KPI reports
  • Strong customer support—with training documentation
  • An easy to use, responsive user interface

3 ePOS systems To Try

Lightspeed Retail—available on iPad with desktop support

This is an iPad based system that also runs on desktop. It offer quality hardware packages that include scanners, iPad stands, and printers, and gives the most flexibility in inventory management. This system is scalable, and has the capability to handle small or large businesses.

Lightspeed Retail wins for: managing complicated inventory lists.

Shopkeep—available on iPad

Another system that meets all our core requirements, Shopkeep lets you generate daily management reports and track inventory quickly. The technical support is strong, and the mobile focus gives your staff flexibility.

Shopkeep wins for: Customer relationship management—excellent tools to build your bond with buyers. 

Vend POS—available on iOS, Android ; PC

Our most versatile choice, Vend offers third-party integrations for Square, PayPal, Spotify, and a host of other apps. It’s user interface is slick and responsive across iPad, Mac, Android tablets, and PC. We like the extensive features for tracking sales and inventory, and the ability to create customer profiles, generate gift cards, and fully customize your user experience.

Vend wins for: Versatility, multi-platform support, and customization.


The trick is to shop smart when it comes to your retail ePOS system. Find one that has the features your business needs, and use it to spot pressure points at the touch of a screen. Call up the information you need from anywhere with a WiFi signal—and gain a competitive advantage with your newfound efficiency.