POS System for Pizza Shop

Choosing the right POS system is crucial for pizza shop owners looking to speed up service and boost profits. In the UK, savvy pizzeria operators are turning to sophisticated systems designed specifically for their trade.

This post shines a light on the top pizza POS systems available, helping you slice through complexity and find your perfect match. Read on for the ultimate guide to upgrading your pizza business!

Our Picks of the best Pizza POS Systems

  • Revel Systems and Lightspeed Restaurant lead as top pizza POS solutions in the UK, offering customisable interfaces and comprehensive features like inventory management and payment processing.
  • Square for Restaurants is praised for its ease of use, affordability, and all-in-one functionality which includes seamless online ordering integration ideal for small-scale pizza businesses.
  • Epos Now stands out with 24/7 customer support, offline mode operation capability, and a user-friendly system that’s adaptable to various hospitality types.

Revel Systems and Lightspeed Restaurant are leading the way as complete EPOS solutions for busy pizza shops in the UK. These top-rated systems offer a range of features tailored to the specific needs of pizza restaurants, from efficient order management to streamlined payment processing.

Square for Restaurants also stands out as an ideal choice for small businesses, providing comprehensive functionality at an affordable price point.

Epos Now and Simphony EPOS (Oracle) round out the top 5 Pizza EPOS systems in the UK, offering their own unique advantages and disadvantages. With a focus on inventory management and customer service, these systems cater to the diverse requirements of pizza businesses while enhancing overall operational efficiency and business reputation.

Revel Systems

revel systems logo

Revel Systems is a famous pizza POS system in the UK that offers advanced features such as order tracking, inventory management, and payment processing. With its user-friendly interface and reliable support, Revel Systems is a top choice for pizza businesses looking to streamline their operations.

Revel Systems Advantages

Revel Systems offers a tailored point-of-sale system, allowing pizza businesses to customise the interface according to their needs. This customisation extends to seamless software integration, providing a choice of hospitality integrations for a smooth operational transition.

Moreover, Revel Systems provides 24/7 support and 1-on-1 onboarding assistance for uninterrupted service, ensuring that pizza businesses can rely on this POS system without interruption.

Including offline mode guarantees continuous operation, while integrated inventory management, employee management, and robust reporting tools streamline business operations efficiently.

Revel Systems Disadvantages

Revel Systems comes at a higher price, making it a costly option for businesses. The EPOS works on iPad only, limiting its compatibility with other devices. Lengthy and pricey contracts are required for its iPad-based POS software.

The system may have limitations when it comes to customisability for pizza bars. Additionally, Revel Systems may not be ideal for businesses looking for a more affordable POS solution. They may not be as widely used in the UK market as other POS systems.

Lightspeed Restaurant

lightspeed restaurant logo

Lightspeed Restaurant is a popular choice for pizza POS systems in the UK, offering advanced features like table management, floor plans, and customisable menus. It’s known for its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other restaurant management tools.

Lightspeed Restaurant Advantages

Lightspeed Restaurant offers a user-friendly interface, allowing restaurant owners to manage their menus and orders efficiently. The system integrates seamlessly with major food delivery apps, providing flexibility in operations and reaching a broader customer base.

With Lightspeed Delivery, businesses can sync their menus and receive orders effortlessly, enhancing business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its cloud-based EPOS is particularly beneficial for small food-and-drink companies, offering a comprehensive solution for various restaurants.

Integrating Lightspeed Delivery with Lightspeed Restaurant allows for effortless menu syncing and ordering from various platforms. This enables small food-and-drink businesses to streamline their operations effectively while maintaining flexibility in managing diverse business needs across different restaurant types.

Lightspeed Restaurant Disadvantages

Transitioning from the advantages to the disadvantages of Lightspeed Restaurant, it’s essential to note that while it offers many benefits, there are limitations. Users should be aware that Lightspeed Restaurant, like any software, has drawbacks.

Some users have needed help with its interface and menu management functions. Additionally, some find that Lightspeed Restaurant lacks certain advanced features that can be crucial in a fast-paced pizza business environment.

Some operators have reported difficulties customising orders and managing complex menus efficiently within the system. It’s important for potential users to carefully evaluate whether these limitations could impact their ability to manage their pizza business operations effectively when considering this POS platform.

Square for Restaurants

Square for Restaurants is a popular choice for pizza businesses, offering easy-to-use POS software with various features, including order management, payment processing, and inventory tracking.

It provides an efficient solution for managing all aspects of a pizza restaurant’s operations.

Square for Restaurants Advantages

Square for Restaurants offers comprehensive restaurant management software streamlining operations and maximising efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and easy affordability, Square for Restaurants provides seamless payment processing, online ordering, inventory tracking, and cloud-based technology to support dine-in operations, pickup orders, and delivery services.

This all-in-one solution equips businesses with the necessary tools for growth while simplifying day-to-day tasks.

Furthermore, Square for Restaurants is known for its simplicity, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise. Its integrated business growth tools provide valuable insights to help restaurant owners make informed decisions to drive success.

As a result, many establishments in the UK have turned to Square for Restaurants to enhance their operational capabilities and elevate customer experience.

Square for Restaurants Disadvantages

Square for Restaurants faces criticism due to frequent system issues and bugs, affecting the overall user experience. Users have expressed frustration with glitches in payment processing and order tracking, impacting business efficiency.

Compared to alternative restaurant ePOS systems, Square for Restaurants may need more advanced features for comprehensive restaurant management and customer service.

Disadvantages of using Square for Restaurants may include limitations in inventory management and menu customisation capabilities. These drawbacks could hinder a restaurant’s ability to streamline operations effectively and provide an optimal customer experience.

Epos Now

epos now logo

Epos Now till is a popular choice for pizza businesses, offering features such as advanced inventory management and dynamic reporting capabilities. It also seamlessly integrates with online ordering platforms for efficient takeaway and delivery operations.

Epos Now Advantages

Epos Now, a top POS system, offers a customisable interface, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their needs. The system provides hospitality integrations and supports online channels, giving flexibility to different types of establishments.

Epos Now’s 24/7 support and one-on-one onboarding assistance also ensure businesses have the necessary guidance to use the system effectively. Epos Now enables efficient product management and operations with offline mode availability and easy-to-use software.

Efficiency in operations is possible with Epos Now’s easy-to-use software and customisable interface. The system also stands out for its hospitality integrations, which enable seamless integration with various online channels for enhanced visibility and reach.

Epos Now Disadvantages

Transitioning from the advantages of Epos Now to its disadvantages, it’s essential to consider that the system may have limitations in customisation and menu features. This could be particularly challenging for busy pizza bars looking for a more tailored solution to meet their needs.

Furthermore, Epos Now is designed to operate solely on iPads, limiting its versatility and compatibility with other devices, which may only suit some users’ preferences.

Users should also know that pricing and payment integration issues might pose challenges when using Epos Now. These issues could impact the seamless operation of a pizza business and influence user satisfaction.

Simphony POS (Oracle)

logo simphony oracle

Simphony POS by Oracle is a comprehensive system that offers advanced features for pizza businesses, including inventory management, employee scheduling, and customer loyalty programs.

Its seamless integration with online ordering platforms also makes it a popular choice for pizza restaurants in the UK.

Simphony POS (Oracle) Advantages

Simphony POS (Oracle) is a complete, all-in-one cloud-based system designed for restaurants of all sizes. Its high level of customisation allows businesses to integrate a range of hospitality solutions and benefit from 24/7 support.

Real-time optimisation caters to online and in-house operations, with access to cloud-based analytics and inventory management. Simphony works seamlessly with Oracle MICROS Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), making it an ideal choice for food and beverage operations.

This purpose-built restaurant management platform offers real-time reporting, inventory control, customisable POS systems, and user-friendly interfaces. Moreover, its compatibility with KDS enhances kitchen display functionality.

Simphony POS (Oracle) Disadvantages

Simphony POS (Oracle) may not be cost-effective for smaller pizza businesses, potentially leading to financial strain. Its industry-specific features may not align with the needs of a pizza-focused establishment, causing unnecessary complexity.

Users have needed help with its user-friendly interface and functionality, impacting their overall experience. Additionally, the software’s limitations in customisation and flexibility could hinder efficient operations for smaller pizza establishments in the UK.

Exploring alternatives to Simphony POS (Oracle) can provide insight into other systems better suited for managing a pizza business effectively.

The Importance of a POS System for Pizza Shops

The Importance of a POS System for Pizza shops

A POS system for pizza businesses transforms how orders flow from hungry customers to the bustling kitchen. It streamlines taking orders, whether phoned in, made online or placed at tables.

This modern order management software ensures that every Margherita and Pepperoni is accounted for and prepared without a hitch. Pizza joints thrive on repeat business; with an integrated customer relationship management feature, owners can offer personalised deals that keep diners returning.

Effective inventory control systems within these platforms prevent ingredient shortages during peak hours – no one wants to run out of mozzarella on a busy night! Payment processing solutions within POS systems also mean swift transactions, so customers spend less time waiting to pay and more time enjoying their slices.

Transitioning smoothly into what pizzerias should look for in these systems leads us to our next point: identifying the top features essential in a Pizza POS System.

Top Features to Look for in a Pizza POS System

Top Features to Look for in Pizza POS Systems

Takeaway and delivery options are essential for pizza businesses, as well as efficient driver management and order tracking. In addition, payment processing, inventory management, and menu management are key features to consider in a Pizza POS system.

Takeout and Delivery Options

Optimising your pizza business for takeaway and delivery is essential in today’s market. A top-notch POS system should include robust features to handle the rush of online orders, ensuring a smooth digital ordering system from start to finish.

With customers expecting fast and efficient service, integrating a cloud-based ordering system into your point of sale can streamline the entire process. It simplifies order processing and keeps track of customer preferences, which helps tailor services for repeat business.

Drive sales through an intuitive online ordering platform that connects seamlessly with your pizza POS system. This allows you to manage menus dynamically, update pricing easily, and analyse sales data on the go.
Restaurant management software with built-in CRM capabilities can enhance customer relationships by sending personalised offers and promotions directly to their inboxes or smartphones.

Remembering regulars’ favourite toppings or previous orders becomes simple, encouraging them to keep returning for more of what they love about your pizza place.

Driver Management

Managing your drivers effectively is crucial for pizza restaurants that offer delivery services. With the proper pizza POS system, you can track each driver’s location and status in real-time, helping to ensure fast and efficient deliveries.

A robust system streamlines communication between kitchen staff and drivers, reducing wait times and enabling more accurate estimates of delivery arrivals.

Utilising a top-notch driver management feature in your POS allows you to assign orders seamlessly to available drivers, monitor their progress, and keep customers informed about when their pizza will arrive at their doorstep.

The smooth integration with an online ordering platform also assists in handling peak-hour traffic without hitches or delays. Moving on from managing your fleet on the road, let’s explore how order tracking keeps everything running smoothly inside the restaurant.

Order Tracking

Order tracking stands at the heart of a great pizza POS system, ensuring every pizza makes its way from dough to delivery without a hitch. It updates staff on preparation stages and payment status, keeping the entire team in sync.

With this feature, customers waiting eagerly for their cheesy delights can get accurate updates on when to expect their orders.

A top-notch pizza POS system integrates smoothly with kitchen displays and till systems for efficient order flow management. This connectivity allows for the dynamic updating of inventory levels while managing delivery orders precisely.

Chefs know what’s next in line, and cashiers process payments swiftly, enhancing customer satisfaction dramatically. The transition to the following essential feature – Payment Processing – is also seamless, effectively supporting a business’s financial operations.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing is a critical feature for any pizza POS system, ensuring transactions are smooth and secure. A top-notch POS platform will integrate advanced payment solutions that support various types of transactions, from in-person card payments to online orders.

The latest systems offer contactless payments and virtual payment options like QR Pay, enhancing customer convenience while maintaining high-security standards. Pizza businesses benefit from streamlined order management, as integrated payment gateways facilitate quick and accurate transaction processing without compromising sensitive data.

Payment Security Measures adopted by these platforms protect both the business and its customers against potential fraud threats.

Inventory Management

Proper inventory management in your pizza POS system keeps your business running smoothly. It tracks all your stock levels, from fresh dough to toppings, ensuring you always have what you need during the dinner rush.

With systems like Lightspeed Restaurant, which offers advanced business management capabilities, you can effectively monitor hardware and software resources.

A good pizza POS system will also use cloud-based technology. This feature lets you access real-time sales data and adjust menu prices. After mastering inventory control with the right point-of-sale system, it’s time to dive into another essential feature: menu management.

Effective menu management simplifies the hectic pace of a pizza restaurant. It enables swift alterations to menu items, ensuring that any changes in inventory or customer preferences are immediately reflected in your offerings.

A well-designed pizza POS system integrates seamlessly with kitchen operations, streamlining the process from order taking to baking to delivery.

A top-notch system stores all vital information like sales data and menu prices in the cloud for quick access. This guarantees that managing your food costs and tracking best-sellers is as easy as pie.

With these systems, updating your specials or adjusting prices becomes effortless, allowing more time to be spent pleasing customers than dealing with paperwork.

How To Choose a Pizza POS System

When choosing a pizza POS system, consider the price, ease of use, features, support, and implementation. Want to learn more about how to make the best choice for your business? Keep reading!


When choosing a pizza POS system, price is a crucial factor to consider. Different systems come with varying costs, including upfront fees, monthly subscriptions, and additional specific features or support charges.

It’s essential to assess your budget carefully and needs to find a system that offers the best value for money. While some systems may have lower initial costs, they could come with limited features or poor customer support, impacting the overall efficiency of your pizza business.

As you explore different pricing options for pizza POS systems, remember that investing in a reliable and comprehensive solution can lead to long-term cost savings and improved operational performance.

Ease of Use

When considering the best pizza POS system, ease of use is crucial. The software should be user-friendly, intuitive, and simple, allowing seamless navigation and effortless operations.

A system that is accessible and convenient for staff to learn and operate will streamline order-taking processes and ensure efficient customer service. Goodtill is the top choice for its straightforward interface and smooth functionality. It is ideal for pizza businesses looking to enhance their in-store operations with self-order kiosks.


When considering features for a pizza POS system, it’s essential to prioritise options that cater specifically to the needs of pizza businesses. Look for systems with robust takeaway and delivery capabilities and efficient driver management to streamline the delivery process.

Additionally, prioritise systems that offer comprehensive order tracking, payment processing integration, and reliable inventory management tailored to the unique requirements of a pizzeria.

Menu management tools allow for easy customisation of orders and seamless organisation to ensure smooth kitchen operations.

An optimal pizza POS system should also facilitate table management and restaurant reservation capabilities, allowing for efficient customer service in dine-in settings. Given the growing online food ordering and delivery trend, integration with third-party delivery services is another important feature you’d want to consider.


When choosing a pizza POS system, support is crucial for smooth implementation and ongoing operation. Look for providers offering comprehensive customer support, including technical assistance and training, to help your staff make the most of the system.

Reliable support ensures that any issues with order tracking software or payment processing can be promptly addressed, minimising disruptions to your pizza restaurant management.

Additionally, consider the availability of online resources such as knowledge bases and FAQs provided by the POS system vendors. These resources can be invaluable for troubleshooting common issues without needing immediate assistance.


When choosing a pizza POS system, consider the ease of implementation within your restaurant. Look for a system that integrates seamlessly with your current operations, allowing for efficient order processing and menu planning.

Ensure the software offers inventory management features to optimise profit maximisation strategies while providing customer loyalty programmes to attract and retain customers.

Implementing the pizza POS system will streamline restaurant management, offering essential technology for efficient order processing, menu organisation, and sales data tracking.


In conclusion, when choosing a pizza POS system in the UK, it’s crucial to consider features such as takeaway and delivery options, driver management, order tracking, payment processing, and inventory management.
The best systems, like Revel Systems and Lightspeed Restaurant, can streamline kitchen operations and improve customer experience. With specialised POS systems tailored for pizza businesses becoming increasingly popular in 2023, investing in an advanced solution can help pizza restaurants manage their orders and inventory more efficiently while offering seamless customer service.
Therefore, carefully evaluating the key factors will ensure you select the most suitable system to meet your business needs.


What features should I look for in a pizza POS system?

Look for features like order management, customisable menus, integration with payment processors, and detailed reporting capabilities.

Can a pizza POS system help with inventory management?

Yes, a good pizza POS system can assist in managing inventory by tracking ingredient usage and item quantities and generating restock alerts.

How can I choose the best pizza POS system for my business?

To select the best pizza POS system, consider factors such as your specific business needs, budget, scalability options, and customer support offered.

Are there any specialised requirements for using a pizza POS system in a pizzeria?

In addition to standard features like order management and billing functions, it is beneficial to have capabilities for delivery management and tableside ordering in a pizzeria setting.

Is training provided when purchasing a new pizza POS system?

Many providers offer training sessions or resources to familiarise staff with their systems’ operations after purchase and installation.

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