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As a small business owner, finding the right tools to process payments quickly and efficiently can be daunting. SumUp, with its user-friendly card readers and convenient mobile terminals for contactless and credit card payments, offers a solution that’s garnered an impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Capterra.

This post will delve into how SumUp could revolutionise your sales experience, from the flexibility of its POS software to transparent pricing structures. Keep reading to discover if SumUp is your ticket to smoother transactions!

Key Takeaways

  • SumUp provides affordable card readers starting at £39 + VAT, which is suitable for small businesses and mobile vendors seeking easy transaction processing.
  • The company offers a range of devices, including the portable Air, all-in-one Solo and 3G with a built-in printer, catering to different business needs.
  • Customers praise SumUp’s user-friendly design and efficient payment processing, but some reports mention reliability issues and software limitations.
  • Alternatives like Square for integrated solutions and Zettle for competitive pricing present options for those comparing payment processors.

Why Choose SumUp

What is SumUp?

SumUp is a financial technology company offering compact, easy-to-use mobile card terminals designed to help businesses process contactless and chip-and-PIN payments effortlessly. With solutions tailored for various sizes of enterprises, SumUp provides multiple features, including restaurant POS software, invoicing, payment links, and QR codes—making it appealing for those seeking swift retail payment options.


SumUp makes it affordable for new entrepreneurs to jump into contactless payments with their low-priced hardware starting at just £39. Their unique card readers come equipped with a built-in SIM card, empowering traders to process payments without worrying about mobile connectivity.

This feature is convenient for those always on the move, such as food trucks and market vendors.

Transaction fees get even more wallet-friendly with SumUp’s subscription plan, which competes closely with industry leaders like Square. Offering both physical card readers and seamless online payment processing, this POS system covers all bases for modern retail requirements.

Payments are simple and secure whether you’re selling in-store, running a restaurant or shipping products from an online store, ensuring business owners have a reliable partner in transaction management.


Despite its strengths, SumUp has notable drawbacks that might affect certain businesses. One primary concern is account stability; users have reported problems which can disrupt the smooth running of transactions.

This becomes particularly challenging when quick payments are crucial for a business’s daily operation. Furthermore, those handling ‘high-risk’ products or services will find SumUp restrictive as the company only accepts high-risk merchants.

Another issue is with the SumUp invoicing software; some customers need more functionality and frequent updates to stay efficient. These limitations could lead to inefficiencies in managing sales and inventory for growing businesses needing robust retail payment solutions.

Next, let’s dive into an in-depth review of the SumUp POS system to understand better how it measures overall.

SumUp POS software review

The SumUp POS software transforms an iPad into a powerful point-of-sale system, ideal for various businesses. Its intuitive design makes it easy to process transactions quickly and manage inventory.

Users can customise their experience by adding modules, allowing flexibility in using the platform.

Many business owners appreciate how the SumUp app streamlines sales processes with its straightforward interface and robust reporting features. The system’s ability to handle online store payments connects brick-and-mortar shops with e-commerce seamlessly.

For those concerned about fees, SumUp keeps costs transparent – they charge a single rate per transaction without any hidden charges, making financial management more accessible for merchants.

SumUp POS hardware review

SumUp POS hardware ranks high for its simplicity and sleek design. Business owners find the SumUp Air card reader impressively compact and convenient to use on the go, easily fitting into pockets or small bags.

It connects seamlessly via Bluetooth with smartphones or tablets, turning any mobile device into a powerful payment processor without extra cables.

Meanwhile, SumUp 3G is an all-in-one solution with built-in internet connectivity, allowing merchants to process payments anywhere without needing a separate mobile device.

Customers appreciate the freedom this brings, mainly when conducting sales at outdoor events or in areas with poor mobile reception. The touchscreen interface of the SumUp 3G offers quick navigation and prompts for swift transactions that keep queues short and customers happy.

SumUp Pricing

Discover the affordability of going cashless with SumUp’s range of devices, starting from just £39 + VAT – perfect for every business size, especially a small retail shop or restaurant.. Keep reading to unlock the value SumUp offers!

SumUp Air: £39 + VAT

The SumUp Air card reader is affordable, with a wallet-friendly price of just £39 plus VAT. This compact payment device lets you quickly process credit and debit cards. It is ideal for small businesses and mobile vendors who want to accept card payments without hefty equipment costs.

It connects via Bluetooth to the SumUp app on your smartphone or tablet, ensuring smooth transactions anywhere you go.

This portable gadget elevates retail technology by converting your phone into a powerful point of sale. Users benefit from quick setup and easy operation; there is no need for complicated installations or training sessions.

With the SumUp Air, merchants can make sales briskly and efficiently—simply tap, insert, or swipe the customer’s card for instant payment processing. Plus, there are no worries about transaction fees sneaking in VAT charges; those remain untaxed, keeping costs transparent and manageable.

SumUp Solo: £79 + VAT

Moving up in the SumUp lineup, Solo rings in at £79 plus VAT. This sleek card reader stands out with its minimalist design and all-in-one functionality, making it a superb choice for small business owners.

You can grab it solo or pair it with a handy desk stand at no extra cost, ensuring your checkout stays neat and professional.

If you’re new to SumUp, snagging the Solo as part of their promotional offer could save you some cash – dropping the price to just £54. It’s an affordable leap into efficient payment processing that won’t disappoint customers eager for swift card transactions.

With its compact size, the Solo slips easily into pockets or bags, turning any space into a point-of-sale in seconds.

SumUp 3G: £139 + VAT

The SumUp 3G card reader offers a robust solution for merchants on the go, providing the convenience of accepting card payments without tethering to a smartphone. Priced at £139 plus VAT, this device combines all the functionalities of the sleek SumUp Solo with a bonus: an integrated printer.

Business owners can provide instant paper receipts right after each transaction, adding a layer of professionalism to their services.

Its cellular connection makes transactions swift and secure over the 3G network, ensuring customers experience no delays during payment processing. The advanced features of this compact device make it suitable for traders who frequently move locations or work outdoor markets and events where quick setup is crucial.

Next, let’s look into what customers think about these devices in our section covering SumUp customer reviews.

SumUp Customer Reviews

In section six, we delve into real-world feedback with SumUp customer reviews, highlighting the experiences users have had, both good and bad.

Positive reviews

Customers rave about SumUp’s affordability, highlighting the low cost of getting started with a card payment machine. Many small business owners find the £39 price tag for the SumUp Air appealing, allowing them to take credit card payments without a hefty initial investment.

Reviews often mention the convenience of SumUp devices. The portable nature and ease of linking it to a phone make it perfect for on-the-go transactions; this is incredibly impactful as it ensures they can complete sales wherever their customers are.

The praise extends to transaction experiences, too. Users commend the SumUp card reader for its ability to process all forms of payment swiftly – be it debit, credit or contactless – which keeps their lines moving and customers happy.

Moreover, reliability is another feather in its cap; business operators value that as long as their phones have data connectivity through Wi-Fi or 4G, they can count on their SumUp device to work seamlessly.

We are focusing on some areas where feedback might need to be more glowing.

Negative reviews

However, not all users are singing SumUp’s praises. Several clients have reported frustration, saying they encountered issues with taking payments. One customer labelled the company “unethical and borderline thieves,” highlighting a severe accusation of trustworthiness.

Feedback for the SumUp Card Reader has not been uniformly positive either; several reviewers pointed out problems with the device’s reliability. In terms of software, some users feel let down by the lack of advanced features in the app.

Users also need to monitor transaction fees that come with using SumUp services, as these could chip away at their profits over time.

Alternatives to SumUp

Exploring competitors like Square for integrated solutions and Zettle for brand recognition offers a glimpse into alternative payment processing options.


Shifting the focus to another competitor, Square presents a cost-effective way for businesses to handle card payments. It stands out with its superior free app, highly praised for its ease of use and wide array of features.

This might be particularly attractive if you want a robust mobile point-of-sale without the additional expense.

Square’s edge in the market is further sharpened by its competitive pricing structure and feature-rich services, which could make it an ideal choice for small businesses looking into affordable payment solutions.

Reports suggest that between SumUp and Square, the latter may offer more value due to its comprehensive functionalities that cater extensively to various business needs.

Zettle by PayPal

Zettle by PayPal steps into the spotlight as a strong contender amongst SumUp alternatives, having clinched the award for better integrations, scalability, and overall quality in 2023.

Its competitively priced Zettle Reader at just £29 undercuts SumUp’s card reader cost while maintaining transaction fees that go head-to-head with SumUp’s rates. Boasting a consistent 1.75% fixed rate for transactions, businesses can predict their costs without surprises.

Zettle surpasses SumUp by offering cheaper hardware, an array of third-party integrations, and superior customer support avenues. Its close association with PayPal Here broadens its compatibility spectrum, embracing contactless payments, swipe options, and Apple Pay support—a boon for retailers aiming to cater to diverse payment preferences.

Next up: Examine other alternatives to equip your business with the best payment tools.


SumUp has demonstrated its value for many businesses, earning high marks for convenience and efficiency. With competitive pricing and a raft of positive feedback, it stands out as a solid choice in the world of POS systems.

Consider how this nifty gadget might streamline your sales process and keep your transactions running smoothly. For those looking to upgrade their payment solutions, SumUp offers an intriguing option worth exploring further.

As you seek the right fit for your business needs, remember what other users say about their SumUp experience.


1. What is SumUp, and how does it work for accepting payments?

SumUp is a service that lets businesses take customer payments easily using a card reader or mobile app, supporting smooth transactions.

2. Do I need to know any fees when using SumUp?

Yes, SumUp charges fees for each transaction, so checking the latest rates before taking customer payments is essential.

3. Can I get help from customer service if I have issues with my SumUp account?

Absolutely! If you run into any problems with your account or transactions, SumUp customer service supports and assists you.

4. Is it simple to understand how much I will be charged for a transaction with SumUp?

Yes, understanding the cost of each transaction is straightforward because SumUp provides clear information on their fees.

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