Offline POS System

Getting POS systems that support offline mode isn’t just about convenience; it’s paramount for keeping services flowing seamlessly—and safeguarding your profit margins.

Here are the top POS systems that support offline mode:

  • Square POS
  • Epos Now
  • Shopify POS
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Vend POS

Square POS

Square POS system offers a seamless offline mode that enables businesses to continue processing payments, ensuring no disruption during internet outages. With its user-friendly interface and reliable functionality, it allows for easy access to the cash drawer and secure data storage even when offline.

The system provides strong security features, including data encryption, and safeguarding sensitive information during offline transactions. This makes Square POS a robust solution for businesses needing uninterrupted point-of-sale capabilities, irrespective of internet connections or disruptions.

Moreover, Square POS simplifies inventory management by allowing real-time tracking and updating without relying on an internet connection. Its ability to handle various payment methods offline, including credit/debit cards, ensures business continuity even in the absence of online connectivity.


eposnow hospitality

EPOS Now stands out for its seamless functionality. With robust features like inventory management, payment processing, and data encryption, EPOS Now ensures uninterrupted operations even during internet disconnections.

The user-friendly interface and real-time sales recording make it a top choice for businesses needing a dependable offline mode that doesn’t compromise efficiency or security.

This system’s scalability and affordability make it an attractive option for various industries while offering essential features such as cloud-based software updates and compliance with industry regulations – essential components for any modern business seeking a comprehensive POS solution.

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Shopify POS

Shopify EPOS stands out for its seamless integration with Shopify’s e-commerce platform. It lets us keep selling even when the internet goes down. The system stores transactions and syncs them as soon as we’re back online.

Its robust offline capabilities ensure that sales can continue smoothly even without an internet connection, allowing for the processing of transactions and updating of inventory, which are then synced once online connectivity is restored.

With Shopify POS, keeping business running smoothly is easy during an internet outage. Security stays tight too; it protects customer information until the system reconnects. Shopify POS is a versatile and user-friendly point-of-sale system, seamlessly integrating with Shopify’s e-commerce platform to provide a unified retail solution.

Lightspeed POS

lightspeed restaurant epos systems

Lightspeed POS stands out for its comprehensive retail and restaurant management features, offering a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface. Its notable offline capabilities allow for the continuation of sales and essential operations even during internet outages, with all transactions seamlessly syncing back to the system once online connectivity is re-established.

With its cloud-based architecture, this solution seamlessly operates in both online and offline modes. Lightspeed provides features like inventory tracking, sales analytics, and customizable reporting tools that can function without an internet connection. This flexibility allows for uninterrupted business operations even during connectivity disruptions.

Lightspeed POS simplifies payment processing while offering robust data security through encryption during offline transactions. Its intuitive user interface ensures smooth operation when navigating through the system in offline mode.


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Vend POS

Vend POS is a robust offline-capable system, ensuring that your business can process payments and manage operations seamlessly even without an internet connection. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Vend POS allows you to access essential functions like cash drawer management and sales recording during internet downtimes.

It also prioritises data security through encryption, safeguarding your valuable information while operating in offline mode. When considering the best POS system for your business, Vend POS stands out as a reliable solution that caters to both online and offline needs, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, Vend POS offers inventory management capabilities to track stock levels accurately in real-time – even when connectivity is limited – ensuring smooth operational efficiency regardless of internet availability.

EPOS System price comparison

Epos systemsPricingSuitable for
Lightspeed POS£79/moRetail, Restaurant
Shopify POS£69/moRetail stores, Pop-up shops, Markets, and Events
Square Free Plan
Plus Plan: £29/mo
Premium Plan: £69/mo
Retail(Clothing, Home decor), Restaurant
EPOS Now£54/moRetail, Hospitality

What is Offline Mode in POS?

what is offline mode in pos

A POS system with offline capabilities keeps the checkout flowing even without Wi-Fi or wired internet access. It stores all transaction data locally and then syncs it back to the cloud when you’re online again.

We use this feature to ensure business doesn’t stop just because of an internet hiccup. Offline mode lets us process card payments, manage inventory, and keep sales ticking over seamlessly.

Think of it as a safety net for your cash flow – it catches every transaction and holds onto them until they can be safely sent through to your database once the connection is restored.

This way, we provide uninterrupted service no matter the connectivity challenges.

5 Benefits of Using Offline POS Systems

benefits of using offline pos systems

Offline POS systems offer several key advantages, including the ability to continue processing payments without internet connectivity, access to the cash drawer, data synchronisation when back online, and enhanced data security during internet outages.

Continue processing payments whilst offline

We know how vital it is for your business to keep sales going, even when the internet takes a break. That’s why offline mode in POS systems becomes a lifesaver. You can keep ringing up sales with confidence, accepting credit cards and cash without a hitch.

It doesn’t matter if the Wi-Fi’s down or you’re in a dead zone; transactions carry on smoothly.

Imagine serving customers without making them wait because your terminal hit an online snag—now that’s top-notch service. Next, we’ll talk about tapping into your cash drawer during these offline moments.

Access cash drawer

POS systems with offline mode let you open the cash drawer without a hitch—even if the internet’s down. No worries about freezing operations or turning away sales just because of an outage.

You’ll always be ready to handle cash transactions and keep that register ringing.
Keeping our business running smoothly means being prepared for anything, including internet outages. With these reliable POS options, accessing your cash drawer stays simple, ensuring customers walk out happy and sales stay steady—no matter what tech troubles come our way.

Data synchronisation

We understand how vital data synchronisation is for your business. Even when your POS system goes offline, it should keep track of every sale and inventory change. Once the internet kicks back in, all that stored information gets updated automatically.

This ensures that your records are always accurate, which makes running your business smoother.

Imagine selling products without worrying about losing any sales data—no need to manually update anything later. Your POS takes care of this as soon as it reconnects to the web, syncing up all transactions and stock levels.

It’s like having a diligent assistant who never misses a detail, ensuring everything is in perfect harmony for when you’re back online.

Data security during Internet outages

Keeping your data safe is crucial, especially when the Internet goes down. The top POS systems come with strong security features that protect information even during outages. They use encryption to lock away data tightly.

This means credit card details and customer info stay secure until you’re back online.

Offline mode doesn’t just keep business running; it also guards against data loss and theft. With these POS systems, peace of mind comes standard – your sales are processed safely and securely, no matter what happens with the Wi-Fi connection.

Your transactions are stored on secure devices ready to sync up as soon as the internet’s back, ensuring every penny is accounted for without a hitch.

No disruption for customers

Customers come first, and a POS system with offline mode ensures they’re always served without a hitch. Even when the internet goes down, your business keeps running smoothly – no one’s left waiting.

Payments go through as usual, and there’s not even a hint of panic among the staff or customers.

We understand how vital it is for you to offer uninterrupted service. With an offline-enabled POS, transactions continue flawlessly, preserving that all-important customer trust. You ring up sales; we ensure technology doesn’t get in the way.

Your shoppers remain happy because their experience stays consistent – fast, efficient, and reliable every time they visit.

5 Key Features to Look for in Offline POS System

When choosing an offline POS system, it’s important to consider certain key features These features will ensure smooth operations even during internet downtimes.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is crucial for any business, and having the ability to track and update it in real time, even when offline, can make a significant difference. With this feature, businesses can seamlessly monitor stock levels and make necessary adjustments as sales occur, ensuring that accurate information is always available.

This capability not only enhances efficiency but also helps prevent overstocking or running out of popular items unexpectedly – a must-have for smooth operations.

Sales Recording and Synchronization

Sales recording and synchronisation are vital for ensuring seamless operations when your POS system goes offline. Every transaction must be recorded accurately, even without an internet connection, to avoid any data loss or discrepancies.

When the system syncs back online, all the recorded sales data should seamlessly update in real time to maintain accurate records and ensure smooth business operations. Look for a POS system that guarantees reliable sales recording and synchronisation to uphold the integrity of your transactions when transitioning from offline to online modes.

Moreover, having robust sales recording and synchronisation capabilities will provide peace of mind during offline periods, knowing that important transactional information is being securely stored until the connection is re-established.

Payment Processing

Offline POS systems are crucial in handling diverse payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, even when the internet connection is unavailable. This allows for smooth transactions and uninterrupted customer service during temporary disruptions.

Security measures like data encryption help ensure that sensitive information remains protected while offline.

Additionally, these systems enable businesses to seamlessly process payments without being reliant on an internet connection, enhancing overall operational efficiency. The ability to handle multiple payment methods offline provides flexibility and convenience for both the business and its customers.


Handling various payment methods offline, including credit/debit cards, requires robust security measures for data encryption and storage. In the event of an internet disruption, sensitive information must remain protected from potential threats.

Reliable offline POS systems should employ advanced encryption techniques to safeguard transaction data during offline mode. Secure storage mechanisms ensure that all critical customer and business information is shielded from unauthorised access or breaches.

User Interface

An easy-to-use interface allows effortless navigation and operation, ensuring businesses can continue serving customers without disruption during internet downtimes. This feature simplifies the process of processing payments, managing inventory, and recording sales data even when offline.

With intuitive design and clear prompts, staff members can efficiently carry out essential POS functions without the need for extensive training or support. The simplified user interface also enhances customer experience by maintaining seamless transactions regardless of internet connectivity.

The system’s user interface provides quick access to necessary functionalities, enabling smooth operation while offline. Simplified prompts and clear visuals further facilitate uninterrupted service delivery, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction in any situation.

7 Considerations When Choosing the Best Offline POS System

When choosing the best offline POS system, it’s important to consider factors such as business needs, scalability, essential features and functionality, data synchronisation and security, cost, ease of use, and support.

To explore these considerations in more detail and make an informed decision for your business, keep reading.

Business needs

Consider your business needs when choosing an offline POS system. Think about scalability, essential features, data security, cost, ease of use, and support. It’s crucial to select a system that aligns with your specific requirements for smooth and efficient operations.


When considering a POS system, business growth is crucial. Scalability allows the system to adapt as the business expands, ensuring it can handle increased transactions, inventory management, and customer data without impacting performance or security.

Essential features and functionality

When choosing an offline POS system, consider essential features such as inventory management for real-time tracking, sales recording and synchronisation to ensure data integrity, and seamless payment processing for various methods.

Data security through encryption is crucial during the offline mode, along with a user-friendly interface to facilitate smooth operation. Prioritising these features can help ensure a reliable and efficient offline POS experience that aligns with your specific requirements.

Data synchronization and security

When using offline POS systems, it’s crucial to ensure data synchronisation and security. This means that the system should seamlessly sync sales data once back online, while also encrypting and securely storing sensitive information during offline mode.


When considering the cost of an offline POS system, it’s crucial to weigh the upfront expenses against the long-term benefits. Look for a system that offers transparent pricing and a flexible payment structure to suit your business needs.

Choose an offline POS system that not only fits within your budget but also provides comprehensive features and security measures without hidden fees or unexpected charges down the line.

Ease of use

Ease of use is a critical factor when choosing an offline POS system. The interface should be intuitive and straightforward, allowing for quick transactions and minimal training time.

Look for a system with a user-friendly design that streamlines the sales process, making it easy to navigate menus and input information accurately. Additionally, ensure that the POS system offers responsive customer support for any usability issues that may arise.

Customer Support

When considering a POS system that supports offline mode, it’s essential to prioritise reliable customer support. Look for providers with responsive and knowledgeable support teams who can assist with any technical issues or questions.

Industries that benefit from POS Systems with Offline Mode

Point of Sale (POS) systems with offline mode support play a crucial role in various industries, providing businesses with the flexibility to continue operations even in the absence of a stable internet connection. Two key sectors where such systems are particularly vital are retail and restaurants. 

In the retail industry, having a reliable retail POS system is essential for smooth and efficient transactions. POS systems with offline mode support ensure that sales can continue seamlessly, even if there are connectivity issues. This is especially important for brick-and-mortar stores where a reliable and fast checkout process contributes to customer satisfaction. In the restaurant industry, POS systems with offline mode support are equally valuable. 

In a busy restaurant setting, delays or disruptions in the network can lead to frustration among customers and hinder the ordering and payment processes. An offline-capable restaurant POS system allows restaurant staff to take orders, process payments, and manage inventory even when the internet connection is temporarily unavailable. 

In both retail and restaurant settings, the offline capabilities of POS systems also contribute to data security. Transactions and critical business information are stored locally on the device, reducing the risk of data loss or security breaches associated with reliance on constant internet connectivity. 

Furthermore, POS systems with offline functionality often have synchronization features, allowing them to update the central database once the internet connection is restored. This ensures that all transactions conducted in offline mode are accurately recorded in the system, maintaining data accuracy and integrity.

How to Use a POS System Offline

To use a POS system offline, ensure your chosen system supports an offline mode. When offline, the POS should still enable you to process payments and access essential features like cash drawer management. Here are the key steps:

  • Ensure Offline Mode is Enabled: Check if your POS system has an offline mode and ensure it’s activated.
  • Train Staff on Offline Procedures: Educate your staff on how to operate the POS system when it’s offline.
  • Process Transactions: Continue to process sales transactions as usual; the system should store data locally.
  • Manage Inventory: Update inventory manually if necessary, as some systems might not automatically adjust stock levels in offline mode.
  • Record Customer Details: Manually note customer details for loyalty programs or future marketing, if not automatically captured.
  • Handle Payments: Process payments according to the system’s offline capabilities, which may include cash or credit/debit card transactions.
  • Secure Data: Ensure all transaction data is securely stored within the system during offline mode.
  • Reconnect to the Internet: Once online, allow the POS system to sync all offline transactions and data with the cloud or main server.

When selecting a POS system for offline use, look for key features such as inventory management, sales recording and synchronisation, payment processing capabilities, robust security measures, and an intuitive user interface for smooth operation during internet downtimes.


POS systems that support offline mode provide businesses with seamless operations even during internet outages. These systems offer practical solutions for processing payments, accessing cash drawers, and ensuring data synchronization and security.

The importance of choosing a robust offline POS system cannot be overstated as it ensures uninterrupted service to customers and safeguards crucial business operations. By considering individual business needs and customer experience, businesses can select an EPOS system that aligns with their requirements and enhances overall efficiency.

We encourage you to explore these top POS systems further to optimise your business’s performance in both online and offline scenarios.


What are POS systems that support offline mode?

POS systems with offline mode let you process payments even when your internet is down. They save the transaction and sync it later. Perfect for places where the wifi is a bit hit-and-miss.

Why should I consider an offline-capable POS system?

If your restaurant or shop loses internet, an offline-capable POS keeps working—no missed sales! It’s like having a backup plan, so customers leave happy, not frustrated by tech hiccups.

How secure are these offline-mode POS systems?

Top-notch security here! These systems use data encryption to keep customer payment info safe. Whether online or off, they guard against fraud—think of them as digital bouncers keeping trouble out.

Do cloud-based POS options offer this feature too?

Yes indeed! Some cloud-based POS options come with a hybrid approach—they thrive online but also work well in the shadows.

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