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About Square Terminal


Are you tired of dealing with clunky payment systems that slow down your business? Look no further than the Square Terminal. This all-in-one payment solution, equipped with a credit card machine, cash drawer, and card reader, is designed with small businesses and pop-up shops in mind. Its sleek and portable design makes it perfect for taking payments on the go and offers flexible credit options.

The Square Terminal is a mobile device that accepts all major credit cards, allowing you to charge customers at their tableside. Its cash drawer feature allows you to process payments quickly and eliminate compatibility issues. Connect the Square Terminal to your Wi-Fi network and start accepting payments hassle-free.

Gone are the days of fumbling with a separate pin pad or card reader. The Square Terminal streamlines the checkout process by combining everything into one easy-to-use device. With its built-in cash drawer and receipt printer, it’s like having a flexible credit payment hub at your fingertips.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Square Terminal, a credit card machine, today and experience seamless card payments that will keep you and your customers happy. The Square Terminal is a card reader that can easily connect to your phone for convenient transactions.

Why Choose Square Terminal


Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

Square Terminal offers an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it incredibly easy for customers to navigate. Customers can effortlessly access various features and functions with just a few taps. The user-friendly design ensures that even those unfamiliar with point-of-sale systems can quickly adapt and start processing transactions without hassle.


Built-in Receipt Printer

Gone are the days of relying on separate receipt printers cluttering your counter space. Square Terminal has a built-in receipt printer, eliminating the need for additional equipment. This saves valuable counter space and streamlines your checkout process, allowing you to serve customers without any unnecessary delays efficiently.


Customizable Settings

Square Terminal understands that every business is unique, offering customizable settings to suit individual needs. From adjusting tax rates to creating custom tip options, the software allows businesses to personalize their transaction settings according to their specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that Square Terminal seamlessly integrates into any business model, providing a tailored solution for smooth operations.


Offline Mode Support

One of the standout features of Square Terminal is its support for offline mode. Even when internet connectivity may be unreliable or temporarily unavailable, you can continue processing transactions uninterrupted. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing your business won’t suffer from connectivity issues during crucial moments.

With offline mode enabled, Square Terminal securely stores transaction data locally until an internet connection is re-established. Once online again, all stored information automatically syncs with your account, ensuring accurate record-keeping and seamless integration with other Square tools and services.

Square Terminal Overview

Benefits of Square Terminal for contactless payments

Square Terminal is a game-changer for businesses and customers, offering numerous card payment benefits. This innovative credit card machine brings flexible credit options and eliminates the need for interest. Let’s explore the key advantages this device brings to the table.

Enables safe and hygienic transactions

Today, businesses can prioritize safety and hygiene using Square Terminal, a flexible credit card machine. With this device, businesses can facilitate contactless payments, minimizing physical contact during transactions. This feature helps prevent the spread of germs and provides peace of mind to both customers and employees. Additionally, Square Terminal offers competitive interest rates for businesses looking to manage their finances effectively.

Supports tap-to-pay and mobile wallet options

Gone are the days of fumbling for cash or swiping cards. Square Terminal supports tap-to-pay technology, allowing customers to conveniently complete transactions by simply tapping their payment card on the device. It seamlessly integrates with popular mobile wallet options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, enabling customers to pay using smartphones.

Reduces the need for physical contact during checkout

One of the standout features of Square Terminal is its ability to reduce physical contact during checkout. By accepting contactless payments, businesses can eliminate the need for customers to hand over their credit or debit cards physically, making transactions faster and safer. This leads to improved customer satisfaction with the wi-enabled device.

Provides a seamless and convenient payment experience

Square Terminal offers a streamlined payment experience that is both seamless and convenient, ensuring next-business-day processing speed. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even those unfamiliar with technology can easily navigate the payment process. The device’s quick processing speed ensures minimal customer waiting time, enhancing overall efficiency.

When using Square Terminal, businesses can access valuable features such as inventory management tools and detailed sales analytics, which can greatly benefit the customer. These additional capabilities contribute towards making operations more efficient while providing insights into business performance for the customer.

Review of Square Terminal: pricing, FAQs, user experience

Square Terminal is a versatile point-of-sale solution that offers transparent pricing, comprehensive FAQs, and a seamless user experience for businesses and their customers. Let’s dive into the details to understand why it has become popular among businesses looking to enhance their customer experience.

Transparent Pricing with No Hidden Fees

One of the standout features of Square Terminal is its transparent pricing structure. Unlike many other payment processing providers, Square clearly displays its fees on its website, ensuring customers have all the necessary information upfront. This level of transparency helps businesses make informed decisions without any surprises down the line.

Square Terminal offers competitive processing rates for customer transactions, starting at 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction for in-person payments. With no long-term contracts or cancellation fees, it provides flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Whether running a small pop-up shop or managing a bustling retail store, Square Terminal has customer-oriented plans tailored to suit your needs.

Positive User Reviews Highlight Ease of Use

Customer reviews consistently praise Square Terminal’s ease of use and intuitive interface, making it a top choice for businesses. The device boasts a sleek design that seamlessly fits into any customer-facing environment. Its large touchscreen display ensures smooth navigation through different functions, providing an effortless experience for customers during transactions.

Customers appreciate how quickly they can set up accounts and accept payments within minutes. The simplicity extends beyond just payments – users can easily manage inventory, generate reports on sales data, and even send digital receipts to customers. Square Terminal’s user-friendly experience saves businesses valuable time and streamlines their operations.

Excellent Customer Support from Square

Square is renowned for its exceptional customer support, and Square Terminal users benefit from this commitment to service excellence. Whether you have questions about the device, need technical assistance, or require guidance with your account, Square’s dedicated support team is readily available to help.

Customers can contact Square’s support team through various channels, including phone support and their website. The knowledgeable team aims to provide prompt resolutions and ensures businesses can continue operating smoothly without interruptions.

Negative reviews and common problems with Square Terminal

Occasional connectivity issues

Some users have reported experiencing occasional connectivity issues with the Square Terminal. This can be frustrating, especially during busy periods when every second counts. While the majority of transactions go through smoothly, there are instances where the device may struggle to establish a stable connection.

It’s worth noting that these connectivity issues with square point and square appointments are not widespread and may vary depending on factors such as network strength and environmental conditions. However, for those who heavily rely on uninterrupted service for square point and square appointments, even occasional hiccups can cause concern.

Shorter than expected battery life

A few customers have expressed disappointment with the Square Terminal’s battery life. While it is designed to withstand a full day of use, some users have found that it needs to meet their expectations. This can be particularly inconvenient for businesses operating in locations with limited charging options.

To mitigate this issue using Square Point of Sale, keep the device charged whenever possible or consider investing in additional batteries for uninterrupted daily usage. While this solution may require an extra investment, it can help alleviate concerns about running out of power while using Square Appointments at crucial moments.

Limited inventory management features

Compared to other solutions available on the market, some users feel that Square Terminal offers limited inventory management features. While it provides basic functionality for tracking stock levels and sales data, businesses with more complex inventory needs may want more robust options.

Exploring alternative point-of-sale systems might be beneficial for those seeking advanced inventory management capabilities. Several competitors offer comprehensive solutions that include features like barcode scanning, automatic reordering, and detailed analytics to help streamline operations and optimise inventory control.

Difficulty with software updates

Users need help attempting to update the software on their Square Terminals. Software updates are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and security of any device, including point-of-sale systems.

While these issues appear relatively rare, they can cause inconvenience and disrupt business operations. To minimise the risk of encountering problems during software updates, it is advisable to follow Square’s guidelines carefully and ensure a stable internet connection before initiating any updates.

Flexible credit options for Square Terminal users

Square Terminal offers flexible payment plans tailored to the specific needs of businesses. With these options, businesses can easily manage their finances and provide convenient payment solutions to their customers.

One of the key features of Square Terminal is its ability to accept instalment payments from customers. This allows businesses to offer their products or services on a pay-over-time basis, making it more affordable for customers while ensuring that businesses receive full payment. By providing this flexibility, Square Terminal enables businesses to attract a wider customer base and increase sales.

Another advantage of using Square Terminal is the quick access to funds. Once a transaction is completed, funds are typically available within one business day. This ensures that businesses have immediate access to the revenue they generate, allowing them to reinvest in their operations or cover any urgent expenses. The prompt availability of funds eliminates unnecessary delays and helps businesses maintain a healthy cash flow.

Square Terminal stands out due to its user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other Square products and services. It functions as a credit card machine and a mobile device, offering convenience for business owners and customers. The terminal’s built-in battery allows it to be used anywhere without relying on external power sources, making it highly portable.

In addition to its flexibility in accepting payments, Square Terminal provides customisable software options that cater to various business needs. Users can choose from different software packages based on their requirements, ensuring they have access to all the necessary tools and features for efficient transactions.

Furthermore, Square Terminal does not require long-term contracts or impose early termination fees on its users. This gives businesses the freedom to use the device without being tied down by lengthy commitments or facing financial penalties if they discontinue using it. The absence of such restrictions grants businesses greater flexibility in managing their operations according to their evolving needs.

To summarise, Square Terminal offers various benefits for businesses seeking flexible credit options. Square Terminal provides the tools and services necessary to streamline transactions, from interest-free credit to accepting installment payments. With quick access to funds, no long-term contracts or early termination fees, and seamless integration with other Square products and services, businesses can effectively manage their finances and provide convenient payment solutions to their customers.

Cash receipt printing and lowest price guarantee with Square Terminal

Square Terminal offers the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their cash receipt printing process while ensuring the best rates on card processing fees. With its instant receipt printing feature and lowest price guarantee, Square Terminal makes transactions seamless and cost-effective.

Instantly prints professional-looking receipts upon transaction completion.

Gone are the days of waiting for receipts to be emailed or printed separately. Square Terminal revolutionizes the checkout experience by instantly generating professional-looking receipts when a transaction is completed. This saves time and provides customers with tangible proof of their purchase, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

The convenience of cash receipt printing directly from Square Terminal eliminates any delays in providing customers with important documentation. Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, or any other business that requires quick and efficient payment processing, Square Terminal ensures that receipts are readily available at the point of sale.

The lowest price guarantee ensures competitive rates on card processing fees.

One of the standout features of Square Terminal is its lowest price guarantee. This means that businesses can rest assured they are getting competitive rates on card processing fees compared to other providers in the market. By choosing Square Terminal, merchants can save money on every transaction without compromising quality or service.

With no monthly minimums or setup fees, Square Terminal offers a transparent pricing model that suits businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting or have an established retail operation, you can enjoy affordable payment processing without any hidden costs eating into your profits.

Free point-of-sale software included

In addition to its cash receipt printing capabilities and competitive pricing, Square Terminal also includes free Square POS. This comprehensive software allows businesses to seamlessly manage sales, track inventory, and analyze customer data.

Square Terminal simplifies day-to-day operations by integrating all aspects of your sales process into one system. The free POS software provides businesses with valuable insights to make informed decisions, from managing products and tracking sales to generating reports and analyzing trends.

Square Terminal’s user-friendly interface makes learning and navigating the system easy for staff. This ensures a smooth checkout experience for employees and customers, reducing wait times and increasing efficiency.

Final thoughts on Square Terminal

In conclusion, Square Terminal offers a range of benefits for contactless payments. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it a convenient solution for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes. Its flexible credit options allow users to manage their finances while accepting customer payments.

The pricing of Square Terminal is competitive, making it an affordable option for small businesses. The software design is intuitive, allowing users to navigate the system effortlessly. However, negative reviews and common problems have been reported by some users, which should be taken into consideration.

One notable feature of Square Terminal is its ability to print cash receipts on the spot, providing a seamless customer experience. Square Terminal offers the lowest price guarantee, ensuring that users get the best deal possible.

To summarise, Square Terminal is reliable for businesses seeking a modern and efficient payment solution. It simplifies contactless payments and offers various features to enhance user experience. With its competitive pricing and flexible credit options, it caters to the needs of different businesses.

If you want to upgrade your payment system and improve efficiency in your business transactions, consider giving Square Terminal a try. Its user-friendly interface and range of features make it an excellent choice for small and large enterprises.


Can I accept contactless payments with Square Terminal?

Yes! Square Terminal supports contactless payments through NFC technology, allowing customers to pay using mobile devices or contactless cards.

How much does Square Terminal cost?

Square Terminal is available at a one-time purchase price of $299 or $27 per month for 12 months, with financing options available.

Is there any warranty provided with Square Terminal?

Yes, Square offers a one-year limited warranty on the hardware components of the terminal.

Can I connect my existing hardware peripherals with Square Terminal?

Square Terminal has built-in receipt printing capabilities; however, it does not support the connection of additional hardware peripherals.

Can I use Square Terminal without an internet connection?

Square Terminal requires an internet connection for most of its features to function properly. However, it does have an offline mode that allows you to accept payments and store them until you regain connectivity.


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8.5 Great!


  • Compatible with a wide range of payment methods, including chip and PIN, mobile payments, and contactless card payments.
  • Square Terminal prioritizes data security and provides robust support.
  • Square Terminal offers a transparent pricing structure that eliminates extra fees and avoids long-term contracts, allowing businesses to manage card payments without hidden costs or contractual obligations.


  • All-in-one payment terminal
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Powerful battery


  • Transaction Fees
  • Limited Connectivity Options
  • Challenges with Entering Detailed Tax Information

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