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About Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

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Looking for a way to revolutionize your in-store shopping experience with mobile devices? Look no further than the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper! This innovative handheld device, compatible with Android, is designed to streamline and optimize your shopping cart like never before. Its advanced features and apps empower customers with real-time information and recommendations, giving you a truly personalized shopping experience.

Gone are the days of aimlessly wandering through aisles or struggling to find store associates for help. The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper provides a personalized shopping experience with voice support, chat assistance, and a user-friendly display that guides you effortlessly through the store. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to convenience, whether you’re shopping for accessories or using your mobile devices!

But don’t just take our word for it. According to a recent white paper by industry experts, the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper has been proven to enhance customer satisfaction by 40%. With its cutting-edge technology and seamless integration with retail stores, this device offers a personalized shopping experience. It incorporates video and voice support and even caters to plus models. The Zebra PS20 is truly changing the game.

Ready to take your shopping experience to new heights? Let’s dive into all the incredible features of the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper in this video! From its sleek display to its user-friendly interface, this device is designed to enhance the shopping journey for both customers and store associates. Plus, its innovative technology is perfect for any size store. Get ready to revolutionize your shopping experience with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper!

Why Choose PS20 Personal Shopper


Advanced WLAN Connectivity for Seamless Data Transfer

The PS20, an Android device, utilizes state-of-the-art WLAN technology to ensure a personalized shopping experience. This advanced connectivity allows for real-time product availability, pricing, and promotions updates, providing uninterrupted access to critical information while navigating through the store. The PS20 also offers support and is featured in our white paper.


Google Mobile Services (GMS) Integration for Enhanced Functionality

With Google Mobile Services integration, users of the PS20 can take advantage of a wide range of applications and services offered by Google to support their store shopping experience. From email and calendar management to productivity tools and entertainment options, GMS brings an array of functionalities to your fingertips. This integration ensures you can access all your favorite apps on this Android-based device, allowing you to slide items into your basket easily.


Ample Storage Capacity to Accommodate Extensive Product Databases

Equipped with generous storage capacity, the Zebra PS20 enhances the in-store shopping experience by providing seamless support for browsing a vast catalog of items. Users can effortlessly check stock availability and compare prices across different brands without experiencing any lag or delays. The ample storage capacity ensures smooth operations even with large amounts of data, optimizing delivery time and quantity.


High-Resolution Camera for Barcode Scanning and Image Capture

One standout feature of the PS20 is its high-resolution camera, which enables accurate barcode scanning and image capture. The built-in 2D scanner empowers shoppers to quickly scan product barcodes for detailed information such as pricing, specifications, and customer reviews. Users can capture images using the rear-facing camera to document damaged items or share visual details with friends and family. This camera also supports adding products to the basket while ensuring a fast delivery time.


Integrated Sensors for Accurate Location Tracking and Proximity Detection

The PS20 has integrated sensors that enable accurate location tracking and proximity detection, improving delivery time. This feature allows retailers to provide personalized support based on a shopper’s current location within the store. Moreover, the sensors can detect when a customer is close to certain products, triggering relevant promotions or discounts and increasing the quantity added. This enhances the shopping experience and helps retailers optimize their marketing strategies using slide technology.

About PS20 Personal Shopper Overview

Scanning Capabilities of the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is equipped with advanced scanning technology to support users in revolutionizing their shopping experience. With its seamless barcode scanning capabilities, this innovative device allows users to retrieve detailed information about products instantly and effortlessly. Additionally, the PS20 ensures efficient delivery time by streamlining the shopping process. Users can easily add items to their basket and easily slide through the checkout process.

Efficiency is key in shopping, and the PS20, with its SE4710 scanner, ensures fast and accurate scanning. With this scanner, shoppers can easily add the desired quantity to their basket with a simple slide. No more struggling to locate a barcode or waiting for a slow scanner to read it properly. The PS20’s state-of-the-art imager technology guarantees smooth and hassle-free scanning, enhancing productivity during shopping trips.

One of the standout features of the PS20 is its ability to capture images of items. This functionality proves particularly useful when comparing prices or seeking opinions from others. Simply slide the device’s built-in camera and instantly share it with friends or family members for their input. This saves time and provides a convenient way to make informed purchasing decisions. Add the quantity to your basket.

In addition to traditional barcodes, the PS20 can scan QR codes. Shoppers can access additional product details by pointing the device at a QR code or taking advantage of exclusive promotions. This feature adds another layer of convenience and interactivity to the shopping experience, allowing customers to stay updated on deals and discounts without any hassle. The PS20 can scan many QR codes in a short delivery time, making it efficient for busy shoppers. Shoppers can easily add their selected products to their online basket by scanning the QR codes with the PS20. With a simple slide of the device, shoppers can access all the information they need and make informed purchasing decisions.

The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper embraces mobility DNA, making it an ideal companion for in-store and online shopping experiences. Its range extends beyond physical stores, giving users flexibility in purchasing options. Whether browsing shelves in your favorite department store or exploring virtual aisles online, this versatile device ensures seamless scanning capabilities throughout your shopping journey. With fast delivery time, you can easily add items to your basket and slide through the checkout process. Its convenient quantity-add feature lets you quickly adjust the number of items you want to purchase.

Moreover, the PS20 supports Digimarc technology—a cutting-edge solution that embeds invisible digital watermarks into product packaging—making scanning items and retrieving information even easier. This innovative support further enhances the device’s scanning capabilities, creating a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience. With faster delivery times and the ability to easily add quantities to your basket, the PS20 allows for a seamless shopping experience. Additionally, its slide feature ensures smooth scanning and effortless navigation through products.

With the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper, the days of fumbling with cumbersome scanners or struggling to find product details are gone. Its advanced scanning technology simplifies shopping, allowing users to scan barcodes effortlessly, capture images, and access additional product information. Whether you’re a seasoned shopper or dread navigating crowded stores, this device will revolutionise your shopping trips by improving efficiency and reducing delivery time. So why not embrace this game-changing shopping technology and elevate your retail experience today? With its advanced scanning technology, the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper makes scanning barcodes and capturing images easy. It also provides access to additional product information, revolutionising your shopping trips by improving efficiency and reducing delivery time.

Zebra PS20 Plus Model Specifications: WLAN, GMS, Storage, Camera, Sensors

The Zebra PS20 Plus model takes personal shopping to the next level with impressive specifications. Let’s dive into the key features that make this device stand out from its base model. One standout feature is the quantity-add capability, allowing users to add items to their cart easily. Another notable feature is the slide functionality, making navigation smooth and effortless. Additionally, the delivery time is significantly reduced compared to the base model.

Upgraded WLAN capabilities ensure uninterrupted connectivity in any environment.

The Zebra PS20 Plus excels in delivery time. Its upgraded WLAN capabilities guarantee uninterrupted connection even in challenging environments. Whether navigating a crowded store or working in a warehouse with thick walls, this device keeps you connected every step of the way. Additionally, it offers the convenience of quantity add for efficient operations.

Enhanced Google Mobile Services (GMS) integration expands app compatibility.

The PS20 Plus offers expanded app compatibility with enhanced Google Mobile Services integration. This means you can access a wide range of applications designed to streamline your personal shopping experience. You can quantity add and track your products efficiently from inventory management to customer relationship management tools. Additionally, the PS20 Plus ensures fast delivery time for a seamless shopping experience.

Increased storage capacity allows for larger product databases

One of the standout features of the PS20 Plus is its increased storage capacity, which allows for larger product databases and faster delivery time. With more space available, you can access crucial product information at your fingertips without relying on an internet connection.

Improved camera resolution delivers sharper barcode scans and image captures

The PS20 Plus boasts improved camera resolution, ensuring sharper barcode scans and image captures. Say goodbye to blurry or unreadable barcodes; this device guarantees accurate scanning every time. Whether checking prices or verifying inventory levels, the high-quality camera delivers exceptional results.

Sensors offer advanced location tracking accuracy and proximity detection

Equipped with advanced sensors, the PS20 Plus provides precise location tracking accuracy and proximity detection, improving delivery time in large stores or warehouses. This feature proves invaluable when knowing your exact position is essential for efficient personal shopping and hands-free operation.

Zebra Spare Battery: BTRYPsMA Pack and Compatibility

The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is a versatile device that revolutionizes the shopping experience with a focus on delivery time. Its advanced features and capabilities have become indispensable tools for shoppers and retailers. One of the key components that ensure uninterrupted operation during long shopping trips or busy periods is the Zebra Spare Battery: BTRYPsMA Pack, which helps to optimize delivery time.

Reliable Backup Power Source

The BTRYPsMA pack is a reliable backup power source for extended use, providing peace of mind during intensive shopping activities. With this pack, you can shop without worrying about running out of battery power. Your personal shopper will assist you throughout your shopping journey, thanks to the reliability of the BTRYPsMA pack.

Compatibility with Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

The BTRYPsMA pack is specifically designed for compatibility with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper model, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance over time. With this spare battery pack, you can rest assured that it will fit perfectly into your personal shopper device, eliminating any concerns about compatibility issues.

Uninterrupted Operation

Long shopping trips or busy periods can strain the battery life of any device, including the BTRY PS20 pack. With this spare battery, you can navigate aisles, scan items, and access product information without worrying about sudden power drainage. Your personal shopper will remain powered up throughout your entire shopping experience.

Easy-to-Replace Battery Design

Replacing the battery in your personal shopper should be hassle-free to minimize downtime and inconvenience. The BTRYPsMA pack features an easy-to-replace design, allowing users to swap out old batteries for fully charged ones quickly. This means minimal disruption to your shopping routine as you can easily replace the depleted battery with a fresh one and continue shopping without delay.

Zebra Charging Station: Slots and Compatibility (CRDMCSLOTH, CRDMCSLCKS)

The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is a versatile device that revolutionizes the shopping experience, saving customers valuable time. With its advanced features and capabilities, it has become an indispensable tool for retailers and customers alike. However, like any electronic device, it requires regular charging to ensure uninterrupted usage and optimize time efficiency. That’s where the Zebra Charging Stations come into play, specifically the CRDMCSLOTH and CRDMCSLCKS models.

CRDMCSLOTH charging station model with multiple slots for simultaneous charging

The CRDMCSLOTH charging station is designed to meet the demands of busy retail environments. It offers multiple slots that allow for simultaneous charging of several Zebra PS20 Personal Shoppers at once. This feature proves invaluable in high-traffic areas where time is of the essence.

Imagine a bustling store with numerous personal shoppers utilized by customers and staff. The ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously ensures that there is always an available device ready for use. No more waiting or searching for charged devices; the CRDMCSLOTH charging station saves time and keeps efficiency levels high. With the CRDMCSLOTH charging station, customers and staff can charge multiple devices simultaneously, saving time and ensuring that there is always an available device ready for use.

Compatible with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

One of the key benefits of the Zebra Charging Stations is their compatibility with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper. These stations are designed to cater to this particular device, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration. With the Zebra Charging Stations, users can save time by conveniently charging their Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper.

There’s no compromise when it comes to the CRDMCSLOTH and CRDMCSLCKS models. These models have undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper performance. This compatibility guarantees reliable charging without any glitches or hiccups, saving you time.

CRDMCSLCKS charging station model offers a secure locking feature for added protection

While convenience and security are important, the CRDMCSLCKS charging station model prioritizes security by offering a secure locking feature. This ensures that the Zebra PS20 Personal Shoppers are safely stored and charged, saving time and preventing theft or unauthorized access.

With the CRDMCSLCKS charging station, retailers can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable devices are securely locked away when not in use. This feature is particularly beneficial in public spaces or areas with high foot traffic where device security and time are a concern. The CRDMCSLCKS charging station ensures that devices are kept safe and secure, saving retailers time and providing added convenience.

A convenient and efficient way to charge multiple devices at once

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is paramount. The Zebra Charging Stations provide a convenient and efficient solution for charging multiple Zebra PS20 Personal Shoppers simultaneously.

Gone are the days of plugging in each device individually and waiting for them to charge one by one. With the CRDMCSLOTH and CRDMCSLCKS models, retailers can simply place their shoppers into the slots and let them charge simultaneously. This saves time, streamlines operations, and ensures fully charged devices are available.

Zebra Interconnection Cable: R-Type and USB (CBLPSUSBCHG)

The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes our shopping. To ensure seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality, Zebra has designed a specialized interconnection cable known as the R-Type and USB (CBLPSUSBCHG). This innovative cable links the PS20 Personal Shopper and other peripherals, offering users an unparalleled shopping experience.

Designed Specifically for the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper

The R-Type interconnection cable has been meticulously engineered to cater specifically to the needs of the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper. Its compatibility ensures a perfect fit, allowing users to connect their devices with peripherals such as barcode scanners, printers, and cash registers. This tailored design eliminates compatibility issues when using generic cables, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation.

Seamless Connection Between Device and Peripherals

The R-Type interconnection cable makes connecting the PS20 Personal Shopper and peripherals a breeze. Whether pairing with a wireless barcode scanner or syncing with a printer for receipts, this cable simplifies the process by providing reliable data transmission. Users can seamlessly interact with different devices without hassle or delay, streamlining their workflow and enhancing productivity.

USB Compatibility for Easy Data Transfer and Charging

In addition to its R-Type capabilities, this interconnection cable also features USB compatibility. This means that you can transfer data effortlessly between your PS20 Personal Shopper and other devices and charge your device conveniently through this single cable. The versatility of USB allows for quick charging on the go while ensuring efficient data synchronization.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

Zebra understands that durability is crucial in demanding retail environments. That’s why they have ensured that the R-Type interconnection cable boasts exceptional build quality. With its rugged construction, this cable can withstand the rigors of daily use, including drops, tugs, and twists. Its robust design ensures long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing a cost-effective solution.


The Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is a powerful device offering various features to enhance your shopping experience. With its WLAN and GMS capabilities, you can stay connected and access important information on the go. The ample storage provides enough space for all your shopping needs, while the camera and sensors provide added convenience.

The Zebra PS20 excels. Its advanced technology allows for quick and accurate scanning of barcodes, making your shopping experience seamless and efficient.

If you’re looking for even more advanced features, the Zebra PS20 Plus Model is worth considering. With enhanced specifications in WLAN, GMS, storage, camera, and sensors, this model takes personal shopping to the next level.

The Zebra Spare Battery (BTRYPsMA Pack) is available as an accessory to ensure uninterrupted usage. It provides additional power when needed and is compatible with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper.

The Zebra Charging Station (CRDMCSLOTH or CRDMCSLCKS) offers convenient slots and compatibility with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper for easy charging and organization.

The Zebra Interconnection Cable (CBLPSUSBCHG) is handy for connecting your device easily. Available in R-Type and USB options, this cable simplifies data transfer and charging.

In conclusion, the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper is a versatile device that enhances your shopping experience through its key features, such as WLAN connectivity, advanced scanning capabilities, ample storage space, high-quality camera functionality, and various sensors. Whether you opt for the standard model or upgrade to the Plus Model version with enhanced specifications, this personal shopper provides convenience at your fingertips.

So why wait? Upgrade your shopping experience today with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper!


Can I connect my smartphone to the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper?

You can connect your smartphone to the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper via WLAN or Bluetooth.

How long does the battery of the Zebra PS20 last?

The battery life of the Zebra PS20 depends on usage, but it typically lasts for a full day of shopping without needing a recharge.

Can I use the Zebra Spare Battery with other Zebra devices?

No, the Zebra Spare Battery (BTRYPsMA Pack) is specifically designed for use with the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper and may not be compatible with other devices.

Are there any additional accessories available for the Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper?

Yes, apart from the spare battery, various accessories, such as charging stations and interconnection cables, are available to enhance your overall experience with the device.

Can I customize the settings on my Zebra PS20 Personal Shopper?

Yes, you can customize various settings on your Zebra PS20 to suit your preferences and optimize your shopping experience.

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  • Operating System: The PS20 runs on Android, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface.
  • NFC and RFID: It supports NFC and RFID technologies for contactless payments, tracking items, and accessing information.
  • Voice Control: The PS20 features voice recognition capabilities, enabling hands-free operation and improved accessibility.
  • Durability: Zebra designed the PS20 to be rugged and withstand the rigors of retail environments, including drops and spills.


  • Enhanced Shopping Experience
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Purpose


  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Security Concerns
  • Dependency on Technology

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