The Ultimate PDQ Machine Guide 2024

Businesses are making use of technology to enhance operations and a PDQ machine is one of the best options out there. This device allows businesses to accept any form of payment that is made available in the market. It is best for small businesses that cannot afford cash drawers and bulky registers.

Businesses will be able to make use of a PDQ machine which will allow them to accept payments from debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, checks, and even mobile wallets. This will also allow businesses to accept payments from mobile devices. The best part is that they can be very economical as compared to other payment options.

A PDQ machine or a payment-capable queue terminal is going to be the future of the industry when it comes to making payments in a retail environment and businesses should consider making use of these terminals. This is a comprehensive guide that focuses on the best PDQ terminals in 2021. Before getting into more details, let us start with the basics.

What Is A PDQ Machine?

Understanding the PDQ machine meaning is imperative even before choosing one. In simple terms, PDQ stands for “Process Data Quickly” and this means that the machine does not require a signature, which makes it the preferred choice for many businesses.

Older readers might remember long lines at checkouts which were caused by people who had to sign their name on each transaction. The PDQ machine came as an alternative because it is more practical and convenient than the conventional method. This is one of the best PDQ machine meanings as it will help users understand how an impactful device works and what differentiates it from other payment systems that are available in the market.

What Operating Systems Does a PDQ Machine Accept?

PDQ machines or terminals have evolved over time and have come to accept various operating systems. To make things easier for users, we can divide them into three categories:

  • Windows Operating System (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Linux Operating System
  • Android operating system (PDQ Tablet is slowly being accepted but it lacks a few features that are available in Windows or traditional PDQ machines)

These different types of OS help you to understand what you are getting into and help you choose the best PDQ machine for your business. The next step is to find out which device will work best for your business.

What Types of PDQ Machines Exist?

When we talk about PDQ machines, there are a number of terms that might confuse users. These terms include:

PDQ Countertop Machine

This machine is the traditional type that is attached to a cash drawer and it takes the form of a bar (usually). These are ideal for businesses that do not need to make a huge investment. There will be visible buttons and the screen will also be larger in size so it is the most traditional method of payment.

PDQ Floor-standing Machine

If you want something that can control your cash drawer, this machine is perfect for the job as well. Since these are larger than the countertop model, they are more suitable for older businesses that have been using these types of machines for a long time.

PDQ Kiosk Machine

This is the best PDQ machine in 2021 as it looks like an ATM and is compact. This has a simple design and only accepts cash (no other type of payment is allowed). This is perfect for businesses that will not be making use of other payment methods.

PDQ Mobile Solutions

These devices are basically modified PDQ machines that are attached to tablet computers and they allow for convenient mobile payment options. They can also be used as standalone devices because of their digital display screens. As of now, you can find them in the form of Android PDQs or iOS PDQs.

What Are The Benefits Of A PDQ Machine?

There are a number of benefits associated with using a PDQ machine, the first and foremost being convenience. These are simpler to operate and most people can learn how to use them within 20 minutes. The digital display screen offers a lot more information than what you would find in traditional cash registers. 

These machines also provide accurate calculations and have the capability to generate invoices rapidly. They are capable of recording sales, calculating taxes automatically, storing customer data as well as purchase history, and more. Users can forget about those long queues at checkouts because, with a PDQ machine, you will be able to make sales quickly.

PDQ machines also allow for better security as they are used for payments and at the same time, users can save employee data as well. Efficient inventory management is possible because these devices are connected to software that allows them to scan barcodes on products more accurately than humans. 

They also offer convenience for employees as they can now be used in back-of-house functions such as inventory management.

How to Choose a PDQ Machine in 2024?

When it comes to choosing a PDQ machine, you will have a lot of choices but the best method is to read reviews online. Reviews are written by people who have invested in these machines and know what they are capable of doing. They can help you make an informed choice about such devices.

The next thing to consider would be your specific needs. If you are running a small business, then it would be better to invest in the smallest model available. For larger businesses, these $10k PDQ machines would work best.

Also, consider the type of transactions that will take place and what sort of payment methods you want this device for. Some PDQ machines can accept all kinds of cash whereas there are some that only allow coins. You will have to decide if you need a more traditional type of machine or something modern and up-to-date.

The Top PDQ Machines in 2023 That You Should Consider

Choosing the right PDQ machine can be a daunting task if not done properly since there are so many brands available on the market. We have made your research easier by narrowing down your choices to the top PDQ machines in 2021 that you can invest in. The major brands that you should pay attention to when it comes to PDQs include:

1| Verifone PDQ 950

This cash drawer is quite similar to the one that you will find in a traditional cash register but it was designed specifically for accepting payments via credit cards or debit cards. It can accept all kinds of card types and you will not have to swipe them manually anymore as this machine has an automated swiper function. The PDQ 950 also verifies the authenticity of cards to prevent any fraud.

These devices can accept both chip and PIN payments thanks to their dual interface readers and if you want, you can have the machine’s software set up so that it works with other Verifone products too. These machines are especially useful for businesses where credit card transactions are a regular part of everyday operations.

2| Cobra IPOS 955

These PDQ machines are the perfect solution for high-volume businesses that have to make several transactions every day. They can accommodate cash, coins, or card payments and offer great security with the help of PIN pads as well as an inbuilt barcode scanner too.

You can also connect these PDQ machines to the internet to manage your receipts and check your sales reports. The machines are upgradable too, so it is possible that they get better with time as new software features are added.

3| Wincor Nixdorf M180

This compact device can be used in bars, cafes, or shops where space is at a premium. It can handle cash, coins, and cards as well and includes other features such as a thermal printer, dual interface readers, PIN pad access, and more.

The device can also be upgraded if you have specific needs in the future since it supports multiple languages and comes with an attached touch screen. The money drawer has a wide opening and has an easy-to-use mechanism too.

4| Ingenico T7300

Ingenico is a well-known brand in the industry and this PDQ machine offers everything that you would want your device to have. It handles all kinds of transactions with ease and comes with an attachable PIN pad too.

You will be able to connect this device to the internet and it can even store receipts for future reference. It is easy to use and even the most inexperienced employees can get it up and running in no time at all.

Final Thoughts

Having a PDQ machine is a great investment irrespective of the size of your business if you are accepting payments from customers. These devices make the entire process so much easier and also provide you with detailed reports for future reference too. They can be connected to the internet to make it easy to transfer data as well. Consider investing in one of the top PDQ machines in 2021 that we mentioned above and it will prove to be extremely useful in the long run.

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