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Are you tired of struggling with cash management in your business? Look no further! Made of steel, the Adesso MRP-16CD Cash Drawer Tray is here to revolutionize your cash handling processes. This efficient cash drawer, designed for products like the coin case insert, streamlines your daily transactions, ensuring enhanced security and organization. With its innovative features, the Adesso MRP-16CD transforms how you order and handle cash.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing loose coins with our convenient coin case insert. This handy feature keeps your change neat, saving you time and frustration. No more fumbling around for the right amount or struggling to balance your cash register at the end of a long day.

Investing in an Adesso MRP-16CD Cash Drawer Tray with a coin case insert means investing in efficiency, security, and peace of mind for your business. Experience the difference today by adding a cookie notice to your website and enjoy the benefits of increased transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Why Choose Adesso 16-Inch POS Cash Drawer


Robust Construction for Durability and Long-term Use

The Adesso MRP-16CD cash drawer is built to last, ensuring durability and reliability for businesses that handle cash transactions daily. Whether running a busy retail store or managing a bustling restaurant, this cash drawer can withstand constant use without compromising functionality. It's the perfect solution for businesses that need a reliable way to handle cookies.


Multiple Compartments for Organising Different Denominations of Currency

One of the key advantages of the Adesso MRP-16CD is its multiple compartments designed to effectively organise different denominations of currency. This feature allows cashiers to sort and separate bills conveniently, reducing errors and speeding up transactions. With dedicated sections for each denomination, counting money becomes more efficient, ensuring accuracy and customer satisfaction. The Adesso MRP-16CD is also compatible with cookies, making it a versatile and convenient choice for businesses.

You'll find adjustable bill clips in the cash drawer that securely hold various bill sizes. Removable coin trays provide further flexibility for organising your cache and cookies. This customisable layout makes it easier to keep your cache and cookies organised and ready for quick access during busy periods.


Smooth Gliding Mechanism for Easy Opening and Closing

The smooth gliding mechanism of the Adesso MRP-16CD sets it apart from other cash drawers on the market. Thanks to high-quality ball-bearing slides, opening and closing the drawer is effortless. Cashiers can quickly retrieve or deposit money without any hitches or delays, ensuring smooth operations at the point of sale. This cash drawer is also designed to store cookies securely, providing an added layer of convenience and security.

This user-friendly design enhances efficiency and reduces strain on employees who handle cash frequently throughout their workday. By eliminating unnecessary friction or resistance when accessing funds, this cash drawer promotes a seamless workflow that saves time and minimises frustration.

Adesso MRP-16CD Cash Drawer Overview

The Convenience of the Removable Cash Tray

The Adesso MRP-16CD cash register is designed to provide convenience and efficiency for businesses. One of its standout features is the removable cash tray, which offers a range of benefits that enhance daily operations. Let’s explore how this feature simplifies cash management and improves overall efficiency.

Quick and Easy Access to Cash

During busy periods, every second counts. With the removable cash tray, accessing cash becomes a breeze. The tray is easily accessible, allowing employees to retrieve bills and coins without hassle or delay. This saves valuable time at the point of sale, ensuring smooth transactions and keeping customers satisfied.

Simplified Cash Counting and Reconciliation

Counting cash at the end of a long day can be tedious. However, this process becomes much simpler with the Adesso MRP-16CD removable cash tray. The tray can be effortlessly removed from the register, providing a convenient workspace for accurate counting and reconciliation.

The tray has coin dividers and storage space options to streamline this process further. These dividers keep coins organised by denomination, eliminating confusion during counting. There are dedicated compartments for bills, making it easier to stack them neatly for an efficient tally.

Secure Storage or Transportation

Security is paramount when dealing with cash. The Adesso MRP-16CD understands this concern and offers a practical solution: the ability to remove the cash tray for secure storage or transportation.

When closing up a shop or moving funds to another location, simply remove the entire tray from the register and securely store it in a safe or transport it using appropriate measures. This ensures that your money remains protected throughout its journey.

In addition to securing your currency, the Adesso MRP-16CD also features a coin case within the drawer. This provides additional storage options for loose change while maintaining easy access during transactions.

The convenience of the removable cash tray on the Adesso MRP-16CD cash register is a game-changer for businesses. It allows for quick and easy access to cash, simplifies cash counting and reconciliation at the end of the day, and provides secure storage or transportation options. With features like coin dividers, storage space options, and a dedicated coin case within the drawer, this cash tray offers functionality that enhances efficiency and organization.

Integration with POS Systems

The Adesso MRP-16CD is a versatile tool that seamlessly connects with various point-of-sale (POS) systems, making it an essential asset for businesses in the retail industry. With its integration capabilities, this device enables the automatic recording of cash transactions in real-time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Let’s delve into how this integration enhances efficiency and streamlines operations.

One of the key advantages of the Adesso MRP-16CD is its ability to integrate effortlessly with different POS systems. Whether using a traditional cash register or modern cloud-based POS software, this device can seamlessly sync with your existing setup. This compatibility ensures that all cash transactions are accurately recorded and instantly updated across both systems.

By enabling the automatic recording of cash transactions in real time, the Adesso MRP-16CD eliminates the tedious task of manually entering each transaction into your POS system. This not only saves time but also minimises the chances of human error. With every sale or purchase instantly reflected in your records, you can maintain accurate financial data without any additional effort.

Manual data entry errors can be costly for businesses, leading to discrepancies in accounting records and potential financial losses. Integrating the Adesso MRP-16CD and POS systems mitigates these risks by automating data transfer. When reconciling sales figures at the end of each day, you no longer have to worry about mistyped numbers or misplaced decimal points.

Improved efficiency is another significant benefit of integrating the Adesso MRP-16CD with your POS system. By eliminating manual data entry tasks, your employees can focus on more value-added activities, such as providing excellent customer service or analysing sales trends. This streamlined workflow allows you to use your resources better while enhancing overall operational productivity.

In addition to these advantages, integrating the Adesso MRP-16CD with your POS system opens up advanced reporting and analytics opportunities. With accurate real-time data, you can generate comprehensive sales reports, track inventory levels, and identify trends that inform business decisions. This integration empowers you with valuable insights into your operations, enabling you to make informed choices to drive growth.

Compatibility with Various Payment Options

The Adesso MRP-16CD is a versatile point-of-sale system that offers seamless compatibility with various payment options. With its advanced features and capabilities, this system ensures that businesses can accommodate different payment methods, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method.

One of the key advantages of the Adesso MRP-16CD is its ability to support multiple payment methods. Whether customers prefer cash, credit cards, or mobile payments, this system covers them. This flexibility allows businesses to cater to various customer preferences, ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction experience.

Customers have even more choices with the media slot feature integrated into the Adesso MRP-16CD. The media slot enables the secure processing of checks and other paper-based transactions, adding another convenience layer for customers and businesses.

In addition to accommodating different payment methods, the Adesso MRP-16CD also supports a wide range of transaction types. This versatility is particularly beneficial for businesses with diverse needs. Whether it’s processing sales orders, handling returns and exchanges, or managing gift card transactions, this system delivers exceptional performance across various business scenarios.

The Adesso MRP-16CD makes it easy for businesses to streamline their operations by seamlessly integrating with existing systems and software solutions. This compatibility ensures businesses can efficiently process payments without disruptions or delays. By leveraging technology and innovation, this system empowers businesses to enhance their efficiency while delivering exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, the Adesso MRP-16CD offers advanced reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into sales trends and customer behaviour. These insights enable businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimise their operations accordingly. By having access to comprehensive transaction data in real-time, businesses can identify opportunities for growth and implement effective strategies to drive revenue.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a top priority for any business, especially. With the Adesso MRP-16CD, you can rest assured that your cash drawer has enhanced security measures to protect your valuable assets.

Built-in Lock Mechanism

One of the key features of the Adesso MRP-16CD is its built-in lock mechanism. This innovative design prevents unauthorised access to the cash drawer tray, ensuring that only authorised personnel have access to its contents. Whether you’re running a retail store or a restaurant, this added layer of security gives you peace of mind, knowing that your cash is safe and secure.

Optional Key Lock

The Adesso MRP-16CD offers an optional key lock feature for even greater security. Adding this extra layer of protection can further deter theft or tampering attempts. The key lock ensures that only individuals with the appropriate keys can open the cash drawer, providing additional control over who has access to your funds.

Audible Alarm System

In case of unauthorised attempts to open the drawer, the Adesso MRP-16CD is equipped with an audible alarm system. This alarm alerts staff immediately, allowing them to respond promptly and prevent potential loss or damage. The loud and attention-grabbing alarm is a deterrent against theft and provides your business with an added layer of security.

Having easy access to emergency services is crucial. The Adesso MRP-16CD understands this need and ensures that help is just a call away with its integrated emergency services feature.

The position lock function allows you to securely position the cash drawer in a specific location within your workspace. This prevents accidental movements or shifts that could compromise security. With precise control over its placement, you can ensure that only authorised personnel can access the cash drawer.

In addition to its security features, the Adesso MRP-16CD is also designed with durability and functionality in mind. Its heavy-duty ball-bearing slides ensure smooth operation even during high-volume usage. The spacious dimensions of the cash drawer provide ample space for bills, coins, and other essential items, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Durable Construction for Long-term Use

The Adesso MRP-16CD is a top contender. This product is constructed with high-quality steel and is designed to last for the long haul. Its sturdy design ensures exceptional durability even in demanding environments.

Made from premium materials, the Adesso MRP-16CD is resistant to scratches, spills, and other common damages. You can use it without worrying about accidental spills or rough handling. Whether you’re using it in a bustling store or a heavy-duty industrial setting, this product is built to endure.

One of the key features contributing to its durability is the lever mechanism and ball-bearing rollers. These components are engineered to provide smooth and effortless operation while maintaining structural integrity. The ball-bearing rollers allow for easy movement of heavy items without compromising performance.

With a maximum weight load capacity of 20 kg, the Adesso MRP-16CD is suitable for various purposes. You can rely on it to securely store your cash register or other essential equipment. Its robust construction ensures that it can handle heavy-duty tasks effortlessly.

The Adesso MRP-16CD’s durable construction makes it an ideal choice for businesses requiring daily reliable equipment. It eliminates the need for frequent repairs or replacements, saving time and money in the long run.

In addition to its durability, this product offers convenience with its user-friendly design. The lever mechanism allows for quick and easy access to stored items while ensuring they remain secure when not in use. Its compact size makes it suitable for limited spaces without compromising functionality.


In conclusion, the Adesso MRP-16CD is an efficient solution for cash management that offers a range of key features and benefits. With its removable cash tray, it provides convenience and ease of use. The integration with POS systems ensures seamless transactions, while compatibility with various payment options allows for flexibility in accepting payments. Enhanced security measures provide peace of mind, and durable construction ensures long-term use.

To summarise, the Adesso MRP-16CD offers the following:

  1. Key Features and Benefits: The device has features that make cash management easier and more efficient.
  2. The convenience of the Removable Cash Tray: The removable cash tray allows quick and easy access to money, making cash handling a breeze.
  3. Integration with POS Systems: Seamless integration with point-of-sale systems streamlines transactions and improves overall efficiency.
  4. Compatibility with Various Payment Options: The device supports multiple payment options, allowing customers to pay using their preferred method.
  5. Enhanced Security Measures: Advanced security features protect against theft or unauthorised access to cash.
  6. Durable Construction for Long-term Use: The sturdy construction ensures that the device can withstand daily use without compromising its functionality.

Considering these advantages, investing in the Adesso MRP-16CD can greatly improve your cash management processes and enhance your business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I connect the Adesso MRP-16CD to my existing point-of-sale system?

The Adesso MRP-16CD is designed to integrate with most point-of-sale systems seamlessly.

What payment options does the Adesso MRP-16CD support?

The device supports various payment options, including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payments.

How secure is the Adesso MRP-16CD?

The Adesso MRP-16CD incorporates advanced security measures, such as lockable compartments and password-protected access, to protect your cash.

Is the cash tray easy to clean?

Yes, the removable cash tray can be easily cleaned and sanitised hygienically.

Can I use the Adesso MRP-16CD in multiple locations?

Absolutely! The portable device can be used in multiple locations, making it ideal for businesses with multiple branches or events.

These FAQs address some common concerns about the Adesso MRP-16CD. Please contact our customer support team for further assistance if you have any other questions.

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  • Dimension: 16” x 16” x 3.9” (410 x 415 x 100 mm)
  • Drawer Interface: Standard RJ12 Connection
  • Drawer Case: 5 Bill Case & 8 Coin Case & a Media Slot
  • Key Position: 3 Positions (Locked, Unlocked, Electronic Opening Allowed)


  • Removable Tray and Coin Case
  • Generous Size
  • Lockable Design
  • Compact Design
  • Compatibility


  • Limited Color Options
  • Limited Additional Features
  • Price Point

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