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POS for Pubs

Gaining complete control over almost all of the pub activities can sound to be a bit challenging. Every pub, in this time of uncertainty, need a system which can let the pub owners move on with confidence in pub management. If there can be a software which can help you manage everything then it can really prove to be very useful. Maiva POS is an extremely useful software which can obliterate the difficulties that are often faced by the pub owners. Just manage everything from your cash control process to pub tabs, from your stock management activities to providing indispensable assistance to your esteem customers by making use of our POS software for your pub.

Why Maiva POS for your pub(s)?

POS technology can truly help pub owners enhance their success because if there is perfect control and co-ordination in all work activities then definitely there will be success in business. Maiva POS for pubs possesses modules that cover indispensably each and every part of pub-business. It is fully integrated with features that are just requisite for the perfect management of your pub activities. With Maiva POS, pub owners have the option to carry on their management activities with all ease. There can be no sort of trouble if they use our highly friendly software which is solely built for the purpose of providing immense benefit to the pub owners.

Our Pos software comes with so many user-friendly features and great reporting structures. Using our Maiva POS software, you can have the option to bring in changes in your pub item prices. You can add a new price list at any point of time.

Maiva POS features:
  • Option of setting prices as and when you want (set prices for your items, promotions or anything your pub offers).
  • Managing sale report can be easier (displays standard management reports with clear focus on profit gained or voids etc).
  • Generate reports on staff performance, number of customers being served, average time taken for serving the customer etc
  • Reports on history of purchase, stock variance etc
  • Option of automatic transfer of stock and purchase-orders etc (it will be based on pre-setting options).
  • Easily allows full integration with beverage monitoring system which in turn will help you keep the track of every ounce of alcohol being served etc.

To know more about how our POS for your bar can be helpful, view our demo. Get to know more about how our Maiva Point of Sale Software (POS) can be much more useful for your pub by contacting our team of professionals today. We would love to provide help to our customers anytime they would like to.

Get instant support from our professionals in getting installed this software onto your any new or existing but supporting equipment today. Our customers can expect to get help 24/7 from our team of professionals.