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Privacy Policy Maiva Pos Software
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Privacy Policy

We give utmost importance to what our clients may expect. Whatever information we receive from our customers or whomsoever, or in any form is 100% secured with us.  

Maiva POS highly values the information that which is received from the clients in any form. Whenever any client approach us with an intention to know more about our services or with an intention to take services from us then we may ask the client to dole out some information that can help us in knowing better about them (we always endeavor to know about the client first so that we can provide better services without any kind of flaw).

We collect or gather information so that we can provide better services to our clients. Our motto is not jus to fill out our database spaces but to utilize the information of the customers we receive for the success in business of our customers. 

What information we ask for?  

Customers who would like to buy our software will have to provide us all general and necessary information. Clients may have to provide us all the details which may help us in knowing more about them. We will ask for the Email id, contact number (landline number or any mobile number), name of the contacting person, address of the person who contacts or any other information which may be required for us to provide you the services in a simplified manner. Sensitive details like the credit card details or other details which often becomes indispensable for us to know sooner get deleted from our databases but the all the general information about the client  is stored as long as we would like to. 

Downloading free tips:  

To download free tips on anything from our website you may have to give us the information (which our form on the website requires) which includes the name of the contacting person, email address and phone number etc. The information is always safe with us. 

Subscribing our newsletter: 

To subscribe our news letter our website visitors or the customers may have to enter their email id. This is one simple way of the collection of the information. The email ids we receive are always used in order to provide information to the customer that they may expect through our news letters. 

Marketing purpose:  

The information which our databases carry is often used for the purpose of marketing. We may send the marketing letter to our clients which can let them know more of our offers. This in fact, leads to the advantage for our customers because our customers can decide better on taking services from us depending on offers sent through marketing letters.  

Maiva POS - 100% reliable:  

Our customers can rely on us for the protection of their information. We do not sell out the information we receive. We do not share the information with anyone. But if there is any legal matter then only we share the information in order to comply with the law here.   

We always adopt the highest security measures. Our method of storage of the information is unique and is devoid of any kind of flaw. There can be no loss or misuse or any kind of unscrupulous changes of the info etc. 

Contacting Maiva POS:  

If there is anything more that you would like to know about our privacy policy then please, feel free to contact us.  Please, send us an email or call up anytime.


Please, note we may bring changes in our privacy policy as and when it is required. So, we request our customers to read our privacy policy every time they use our website or take services from us.