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A little about cookies in a nutshell:  

Internet users often have a doubt about what cookies are. So, here, we are providing a little explanation on the same. 

In simple words, cookies are smaller text files which may automatically get stored on a users’ computer (or a mobile device which is used for browsing etc) while the user is connected with the internet. These text files get stored by the server and information is retrievable only by the server (In much simpler words again, if you a visit any website then a few text fields get downloaded from the website server). 

Are there different types of cookies? 

This is important to know that not all the cookies are the same. There are, in fact, two main types of cookies which are often related to server functionality. They are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session Cookies are harmless cookies. They, in fact, get removed when you complete your session of browsing (When you open a browser and browse through various web pages then the cookies gets stored automatically but when you close down the browser, the cookies will automatically get deleted). But Persistent Cookies are those cookies which will remain in your computer or your mobile device until or unless you delete them. Their duration of stay depends more on the type of the settings you do in your browser.

Clearing cookies can be advantageous:            

Cookies are the smaller files which are meant for enhancement of the browser’s experience. Thinking of cookies to be a virus is 100% wrong. But this should also be said here that there can be some effect of the cookies if they get stored for a longer period of time on your computer or your mobile device. Presence of the cookies can decrease the speed of your computer or can slow down the access to the files and folders in your mobile device. So, it is always recommended that you should delete the cookies every time in order to have usual catalytic speed of your system or device. Bringing in a set of changes in your browser, you can have the chance to delete all of the cookies that which may get stored temporarily or which may stay for a longer period of time.

 How do we, MaivaPOS, use cookies?  

Cookies help us identify our website visitors. Cookies help us in locating our customers and knowing more about their preferences but not all cookies are put to use. We use only those cookies which are necessary for us to provide you the best browsing experience on our website. We use cookies in order to bring much more enhancement in functionality of our website.

 First Party Cookies:   

First party cookies are highly essential as they are connected with the performance of our website. They are just necessary as these cookies help us in knowing how our website is being used by the visitors and how better we can improve the functionality of our website etc.

 Third Party Cookies: 

In order to know more about the ranking or the position of the website in search engine, Google, we use Google Analytics. It is required for us because we will have to monitor the ranking of our own website from time-to-time. Our own website ranking eventually is helpful for the customers (as the customers will find us easier in search engines by the use of the most relative keywords). It should be said here that it is just not possible to gain information from the third party cookies. However, if readers would like to know of what cookies Google analytics uses then please click here

 Our customers accept our cookies policy:

You, as a website visitor of our website:, agree that you allow the use of the cookies through our website. We would like our website visitors to set changes in their browser to accept the cookies through our website which will in turn help the visitors in getting the best browsing experience. Let this be cleared too that if you decline to accept the cookies then you may have difficulty in viewing our website in a perfect order. If you want to know more about how to manage or how to delete cookies then please click here.